How to create a game ?

How to create a game ?

Many people wonder - how to create their own game, in which you can realize all your ideas.To this end, the developers released a new, more simple and functional at the same time game engines and special designers.The Internet is often spread information on how to create a game, what is needed, what the creative and technical aspects of the need for this.

Creating games

Consider the process of creating a game for points:

  1. requires its own gaming experience.A good developer should be aware of the modern games.This experience is necessary for an understanding of the general principle of the structuring of the project, it will allow to understand the overall structure of the project and the gameplay.
  2. required logical thinking.You need to develop a logic to program and build a logical chain of gameplay the game.
  3. Select the direction of the game.You can use ready-made designers of games, opt for game engines, or create your own.

Game engines

Game engines are from a library of objects and func

tions that are used by your game.With the help of the designer of the game development much easier.Designer - is a kind of program that you write scripts, build facilities, they set the parameters.However, due to its restrictions, it does not provide a lot of opportunities, as opposed to self-programming.

can use the game engine (eg, Unity3d, CryEngine), but even this requires programming skills.

Programming games

  1. necessary to determine the choice of programming language.The most suitable: C / C ++, C #, Delphi, Python or Java.
  2. Next, create game content.Here it is necessary to explore additional programs for drawing, modeling objects, edit music and sounds.

Flash game

Before you create a flash game, learn the functionality of the program Flash.When used at the same time you are a programmer, designer and artist.But if you want to make a good game, but not programmed cartoon, use better game engines.

If you still still wondering - how to create a computer game, you start with a search for articles on the Internet, practice in programming, study game engines, and most importantly - do not give up!

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