How do I create a clan ?

How do I create a clan ?

usually think about the creation of clans those who are already long enough to play in any game online.Also, these people already have experience of playing in some of the existing clans.Reasons as to encourage the creation, there may be many, ranging from the desire to win on the respective tournaments, to the opportunity to earn real money.Ways of how to create a clan, enough, and they differ depending on the selected game.

Create clan Counter Strike

consider the step by step instructions on how to create a friendly clan in Counter Strike.Set command.The main thing - in your clan must be people who know how to play.The minimum Clan - a Top 5 players and 1 spare.

  • Before CSS to create a clan, you need to find these players.These may be friends of the yard, school, institution, or other acquaintances.One of the criteria for a good clan is a common place of residence.This will help with the fees for various competitions, training and clan meetings.
  • Creating your own server.Without the creation
    of the server can not be avoided.It is on it will be held the training of the clan, and tests for newcomers wishing to join your clan.
  • Personal qualities clan leader.We need a fairly strong-willed character, allowing to manage people.To do this, you need to know - how.Create clan - half the battle, it is important to the management team.After all, it is from the command of the game depends on the success of the clan as a whole.The main thing - do not be afraid to expel players who violate the discipline of the clan.
  • Website Development Clan.If the clan has its own website, the opponents will perceive it much more seriously.Clan Site provides many advantages.
  • With clan site in Counter Strike, you can find new team members.In addition, potential competitors may find your clan and offer you a duel.The site should be located as clan and the clan forum.Due to the fact that the clan has its own website, you can find sponsors who invest in the promotion of gifted teams to play at the highest level competitions.Unfortunately, without proper advertising, sponsors can spend on the search for the name of your clan is very time consuming.

Create clan DOTA

Then tell avid gamers on the stages of the clan in the game DOTA.Before you create a clan in DotA, you need to register an account in the "Garena".And playing a character not below level 25.

  • In "Garenne" in the "Clan", click "Create Clan".Before you create a dialog box will open the clan, in which you will need to enter the Clan Name - the full name of your clan.
  • Then, in the same window, you need to specify the Clan Tag - a short name for your clan, as well as Logo - image displayed in the list of the clans.
  • also enter Created on - date of creation of the clan, Category - the category of the clan, you want to choose from a list of categories, and Clan EXP - experience, recruited members of the Clan.In addition, enter Member # - the number of people in the clan and Join Date - acceptance date of the members of the clan.
  • the clan there are positions that are appointed by the head of the clan members.This is the captain, the shaman, having the same function as the captain.There is also an examiner that can send group messages, but is not able to lead the clan.There are boss - is a person who is below the rank than the examiner.
  • clans also have guests - they are friends of members of the clan, who can view the chat of the clan.You can consist of a large number of clans as a guest.To do this, the site "Garena" clan list to find your chosen clan and click «Join as Free».The request will be considered by the head of the clan.

Create clan Minecraft

Consider the rules for creating a friendly team in a great game - Minecraft.Before you create a clan of Minecraft, you must meet certain requirements:

  • not be a player or a leader of another, already existing clan.
  • It is necessary to have a group of «premium».
  • Base clan costs 100 gold and is created clan «/ clanopen nazvanie_klana" team, which is necessary to register the name of your future clan.Link to a page of your clan will be created in the profile of the founder of the clan.
  • set of players in the clan.Join your clan can the player also has no leadership or membership in another existing clan.The clan leader or a player who has a set of rules in a clan of players, writes «/ claninvite nik_vstupayuschego".
  • If the incoming player has left recently from another clan, the invitation will not be able to send the restart in the morning.Successfully sent an invitation will be valid on the server to restart in the morning.
  • The incoming player comes to this server and chat system receives a notification.He should write «/ clanjoin nazvanie_klana", after which he receives notification of the entry into the clan.The list of players Clan new player will immediately appear, but he will be credited with fully only after the restart of servers at night.
  • Transfer clan.In order to make the transfer of the clan to another player, who must consist in a clan.To this end, the outgoing leader of the clan must execute the «/ clanleader nik_novogo_lidera".So the new clan leader gets all the rights.Old as the leader of the clan remains in Rank, iehaving no rights.Clan leader change procedure is not available to more than 1 time in 3 days.
  • Renaming clan.To do this, the clan leader must use «/ clanrename novoe_nazvanie" team, where you specify a new name for the clan.

Now you know that you need to create a clan in these games.Have a nice game!