How to create a license?

How to create a license?

The license provides an opportunity not only to play on licensed servers, but also to change the graphics, get updates.This is a paid service, and so many people have a desire to create a license.

Creating a license for Rust

to create rust on the license server will use Steam-library.First, he Rust server you must download and install it.The next step is to install Steam-library, which must be carried out in the server root directory.You can run the server.

license for Minecraft

consider the question of how to create a license minecraft.It can be purchased on the official website of - is legal and just.You must perform the following steps:

  1. By registering on the site.
  2. On the home page click the button Buy Now.
  3. agree to the terms stated on the website.
  4. Choose one of the payment options.If none of the methods does not suit you, you can buy GIFT-code ( «Gift Code").

And you can use the following method to get a license for free:

  1. visit the official website and register.
  2. In the Login field, select settings.
  3. The message «Connected Username change».
  4. Push to change.
  5. Enter a new username and password.
  6. Next you need to install the skin, and for this we need to know the url and "cloak".Press set.
  7. Then, select Downloads and Mineshafter proxy.
  8. Run and enter the new username and password.

Create DayZ license

If you prefer to create dayz server, a license obtained in another way.You will need software to create and configure the server as well as to administer it.In the first case we will use the program Dayz Server ControlCenter, and the second - Dart Rcon Tool.

  1. Download the Dayz Server ControlCenter with tunngle, razarhiviruem in previously created «server» folder.
  2. then run and install DayZ Server Setup, and then run DayzServerControlcenter.exe.In the Information tab you can specify your preferred language, and in the tab "Settings" - carry out the necessary server settings: write a message to the player, change password, etc.
  3. Start the server is carried out in several steps: in the tab "Administration" to enter login and password in the tab «Manage - Overview» click on «Spawn vehicles».To administer the server set up, you must first unpack the DaRT, then point your host, port, and password.

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And if you decide to do security work, read the articleHow do I get a security guard license.