How to create a lobby?

How to create a lobby?

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How to create a lobby?

Lobby - a variant of private game entirely created by the players.The lobby can be used by both beginners and experienced gamers.Thus, if you only want to play with their friends without other people, then you need to figure out how to create a lobby.

Creating lobby

If you choose to play through the lobby, then to create it is necessary to log into the Steam client (if you do not, then you must have an account, register and obtain the required data) and to adhere to the instructions:

  1. Start Steam application.
  2. Run the client required you to play.To do this, select it from the list of games.
  3. the left pane, there is a special interface to search games.Find the "Create Lobby" and then click on the button.So you go to the game.
  4. Next, you must decide with a view of the lobby, as there are two versions: standard and local.If you prefer a online game, you should choose a local.If you do not want to play on the network, select the default o
  5. After that, you'll get a window with the settings the lobby, where you can choose the appropriate options for you (the difficulty level, the game version, and much more).
  6. Then click "Save", and all changes are saved in your game.
  7. you will automatically be transferred to the panel setting of the game and the players view, moreover, can be added to the game commentators or become one of them.
  8. Then press the "Start Game" and wait until the game is loaded.
  9. To add friends to the game, give them your password to login.Further, players can choose a suitable position or a clan and get to the game.

It is worth noting that the lobby has a lot of its settings, and applications that are not in a normal game.There are also present unique game modes.

If at the time of the creation of the lobby you do not have access to the Internet, do not worry, because developers Steam took care of it.Now you can work offline.This action can be performed immediately after the launch.

If you need to create other elements of the game, look for the necessary instructions in a computer game.