How to create a mission?

How to create a mission?

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How to create a mission?

In GTA you can not just pass the mission ready, you can create your own.But before you start creating a mission, you need to download the necessary software, and then get down to business.Thus it is possible to diversify the gameplay.


  1. downloaded from the network for the CLEO 3 GTA San Andreas.Set.
  2. Loading GTA SA "SCM-scripting" and razarhiviruem MPACK folder along the way (My Documents \ GTA San Andreas User Files).Software is installed.Go ahead.
  3. To start the game with the ability to create start-up missions do the standard GTA San Andreas without any mods, replacing textures and other things.
  4. Then go to the menu "Start Game", we click "New Game", choose the mode of «Design You Own Mission» and run the game.

How to create a mission in GTA

The game started, and there was a menu of the program, through which we will create a mission.To hide the window, press the «Y».

program menu

  • «Mission Menu» - the panel is divided
    into sections, through which we create the mission, save it to a file, begin to take place to create a mission, or delete it.
  • «Settings» - in the section set up the main aspects of the mission, such as the weather, crime rates, time period for execution of the mission.
  • «Player» - is to create a configuration of the main character, lives the level at the start of the mission, set of weapons, the situation on the map.
  • «Objectives» - an important section, through which we create the main objectives and tasks of the mission.Defining the parameters of the mission, select that character must perform to pass the level.There will be no settings, there will be a mission, because the game thinks it passed immediately after the launch.
  • «Actors» - in this section create characters and fill them with accessories, weapons, character, shooting accuracy, number of lives, and then load them on the map.
  • «Cars» - create and add cars.
  • «Pickups» - in this section, add life, armor, weapons, crime, stars and other small gadgets needed to accomplish the mission.
  • «Objects» - section shows us a list of the objects used in the mission.
  • «Tools» - with the help of other teams in the section, we make the creation of a mission even easier.

To manipulate items Objects and Tools, you need to download and easy to find on the Internet a set of commands.For example, when we introduce the «ADD CAR» in «Cars» section will be a car, but if the «Tools» panel to enter «JETPACK» appears jetpack - jetpack.There is also the ability to add animations, which are encoded at a certain ID, you will find them in the same place and a set of commands to Objects and Tools.

Mission established.If you have any problems with the passage of the already established missions, then we'll tell you how to get the GTA.