How to create a monster ?

How to create a monster ?

maynkraft monsters - it is aggressive or neutral-minded entities, which are one of the components of the game world.They are generated automatically, but you can work around this rule and create their own hands.In The Sims 3 monster - it simbot, which you can get by following certain requirements, and make a family member.In this article we'll show you how to create a monster in Maynkraft and Sims 3.

Create a monster in Maynkraft

maynkraft there are three types of monsters:

  • aggressive mobs;
  • neutral mobs;
  • golems.

aggressive and neutral mobs

crafted hostile or neutral mobs you do not get.But installing a modification Craftable Spawners, you get additional crafting recipes with which can create spaunery monsters.Maud TooManyItems will provide spauner any existing creatures in the game, and if there is a possibility to get WorldEdit spauner via console commands.

Golems Golems can be created by crafting.The most common - it's snow and metal golem.Metal Golems will automatically appear in

the villages, where sixteen villagers (number of houses should be more than or equal to 21).It can also be crafted from metal blocks and pumpkin.Snow Golem is not generated with the world, that is, it can be obtained only if you put two snow blocks on each other and on top of hoist or jack-o'-lantern pumpkin.Both golem attack hostile monsters, and it can be successfully used for the protection of their homes.

If you do not want to create a monster, and the stone, looking for information in the article How to make a stone in Maynkraft.

Create a monster in The Sims 3 Create a monster

(simbota) The Sims 3 can be in addition "Next, in the future."If this supplement have not been established, it can be purchased for happiness scores.But, unfortunately, produced thus monster family member do not work.If you want to get simbota the family as a family member, then you have to go the hard way to achieve the goal, namely:

  1. become an inventor.
  2. raise the level of inventive skill to ten.
  3. take the job at the research center.
  4. Find the right materials.
  5. deliver them to the scientific center.
  6. Pick award.

thus obtained was simbotom can be controlled, as well as all family members.He can make friends with other simbotami and even your washing machine.All requirements (besides hygiene as simboty not compatible with water) are satisfied in the same manner as a conventional Sim.

more information about creating a monster in 3 Sim read the article Sims (Sims) 3: How to create a monster.