How to create an image of the game ?

How to create an image of the game ?

disc image (image) - a file that contains a copy of the structure and content of the data and the file system that are on the disk, for example, diskette, CD-ROM, or on a hard disk partition.With the advent of optical media such as CD, DVD frequent kind of images became the images of CD / DVD-ROM, in a format often.ISO-file.

What are

images addition.There are other formats ISO disk images:

Disk images are very convenient, if the original is not at hand, and without it can not do.

Alcohol 120%

consider how to create an image of the game on the example of the most convenient and popular program for this purpose, Alcohol 120%:

  1. Run the installed program Alcohol 120%;
  2. Select "Create image";
  3. should see a dialog box where you can select the drive, and that you will create an image.The drive must be the game disc;
  4. Often license discs are anti-piracy protection (for example, Star Force).In order to create an image of the disk from the bottom of the window titled "Disk Wizard"
    , select the mode that corresponds to the type of protection.And if there is no protection, then in the field "Data Type" you must set the user mode;
  5. tab titled "Reading Settings" you need to select the desired name for the image of the game, and the space on your hard disk where it will save the program after the completion of recording of the image;
  6. If the disk has small scratches, in "Reading Settings" tab, you need to put a tick next to the parameter "Fast skip read errors."This option is enabled by default;
  7. Now you need to check out all your options.If the settings are correct, click "Start".After about 6-10 minutes, your image will be ready to play!

Nero Express

How to create an image of the game disc using Nero Express program?The process is simple, guide:

  1. Insert the disc into the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM;
  2. Start installed Nero Express program;
  3. you will see there is a menu called "Copy entire disc";
  4. necessary to expose the source - this is your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, and the receiver - it Ā«Image RecoderĀ», that is, the computer hard drive;
  5. Now click on "Copy";
  6. Now choose the place on your hard drive where the image of the game will be saved.Hit "Save";
  7. The process of saving ... After (reaches 100%), a screen appears with the words "Burning completed successfully."

It often happens that you already have a game on the computer and you want to create an image of it.

How to create an image of the downloaded games

To do this, make a note of the game on CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM and it is already possible to create an image of any of the above program.