How to create an online game?

How to create an online game?

We'll give you a few simple tips to help you sort out the issue of how to create an online game for free.Councils only eight, being guided by them, you can easily create a simple but interesting game.To implement the ideas you need the desire, ability and diligence.

Council №1

First we need to soberly assess their capabilities and knowledge.To create games require knowledge of at least one programming language.It is also important to be familiar with the technology of creating computer games, ie you need to know what the user interface, the event queue, multithreading, client-server interaction.It is also very useful knowledge of computer graphics.Besides all this, you will need one server, where the head of the game.The server must be a reliable, well-adjusted, safe, tested and resistant to load spikes.

Council №2

Create a design sketch, you want to implement.Creating a high-quality and interesting computer games - a very laborious process, which should involve a lot of specialists.Therefore

, the novice should not try to overtake them.

Council №3

Remember, modern technology can not realize all realistic technology.Most of the projects are limited to hardware requirements, and not the lack of professionals and ideas.Also imposes restrictions support simultaneous game for most players, but if the game has a lot of functionality that require powerful and expensive servers.For starters do not need to be accented on maximum detail game graphics.

Council №4

beginner can create minimal but working model of extra online games, with the possibility of extension.It should be just a set of client-serves the principle of running on the same computer.This complex must provide: a simple model of the game space;create, enter the game, memorization of state character;the ability to perform actions, movement and communication.

Council №5

Create a protocol client relationships and a network server.A single standard for data greatly simplifies the development, but to standardize the task is not always rational, and this entails the generation of a large amount of unnecessary traffic.It is important to find a common standard and balance traffic.At this stage, you need to work out a program of the server to determine the implementation of multi-threading and interaction with the client.

Council №6

now finalizing the client portion that runs on the computer player.Here it is necessary to lay an extensible interface of the game, for further additions painless.As well as working on at this stage of the schedule and its software part.Determine which technology is best used to create images of the gameplay.Play in the browser allows the user to Flash or Javascript.They are also suitable for the creation of online games, which are spread in social networks.You can create the client as a standalone application, for all the power cards.

Council №7

important to ensure safety.Any server can be attacked at any time to access the data of the players, and this may lead to unpleasant consequences.In addition, the server part of the game can be conducted DDoS-attacks.For example, if a special script will produce a mass registration of players and at the same time connect them all to the game.Such attacks quickly deplete resources on the server and will need to make important decisions quickly to ensure its operation.Therefore, all arrangements should be worked out for such cases.Therefore, if you are thinking how to create a browser-based online game, then be prepared for team work and seek the opportunity to collect the appropriate professionals.

Council №8

How to create an online game?It is necessary to assemble a team of experts to work out the schedule and gradually expand the functionality of the game online.