How to create a weapon?

How to create a weapon?

Maynkraft - a rather dangerous game, in it players waiting vicious mobs and Creeper.They can kill the player character, but there is always a chance to protect yourself if you know how to create a weapon.Here you can learn how to be crafted sword and bow.

How to create sword Maynkraft

Sword can be created from different materials: this affects its characteristics, that is, strength and damage.The most simple in execution and having the worst characteristics of a wooden sword.To crafted it, you need the following resources:

  • stick (used to create any sword);
  • 2 block boards.

These resources must be placed on the workbench so that the two first central cells were occupied by the boards, and the latter - a stick.

for more lasting and inflicting more damage to the sword should be put on the bench instead of cobblestones boards.Even better are the characteristics of a sword made of iron, gold or diamond.Of course, such a weapon would be expensive, but it will cause more damage to the enemy.

to attack the enemy with the sword, you must press the LMB, and it is possible to block the shot thanks to PKM.

How to create a bow in Maynkraft

If you got the onion, you can not only protect themselves by using it on the mobs, but also to hunt for prey.To craft these weapons will need the following resources:

  • 3 thread;
  • 3 sticks.

thread must be placed in the first horizontal cells bench.One should stick to put in the top box on top, the second - in the third cell in the second row and the third stick - the second cell of the third row.After crafting a bow an arrow to do, otherwise it will be useless weapon.They will need these resources:

  • 1 coal block;
  • 1 pen;
  • 1 stick.

Place these ingredients in the central cells of the bench.To start shooting, you need to click on the button RMB.If you long to keep it, the arrow will fly farther.The greater the length of the flight, the more damage will be higher.

with a sword and a bow will be easy to repel mobs catch game and satisfy your hunger.Moreover, you will no longer afraid to walk at night, and the Creeper spiders and the more you will not be afraid.

As you can see, to make weapons in Maynkraft is not difficult, the main thing - to find the necessary resources.Successful crafting!