How do I create a character ?

How do I create a character ?

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How do I create a character?

Game character - a character in video games controlled by a human player.Game of the non-player characters differ in that they are controlled by a person while the non-player game managed by artificial intelligence.Almost all the games character - is the protagonist of the game's story and the main character.In this article we look at how to create a character in the game The Sims 3, and Minecraft.

Character Creation in Maynkraft using Cinema 4D

To get started you need to create your skin without eyes and mouth in any editor and save the skins in the game files.To begin creating a character in Cinema 4D, you will need:

  1. Download the correct rig (for example here) and open it in the program.
  2. Set harvested texture head, legs and torso.
  3. In the render settings to put your desired resolution.
  4. Change the appearance of the character (the color of the eyes, face and position of elements, etc.).
  5. Save the resulting character with the option o
    f alpha channel, and maximum anti-aliasing in the format.PNG.

character is created, you can start the game.

Character Creation in The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is very flexible editor character creation.It includes everything from the most delicate settings of the face to the deepening of the voice.You will be able to create characters with a completely unique and varied set of features and character traits that make up the structure of behavior.

to create a character in The Sims 3:

  1. Sign into the game and select the editor character creation.
  2. In the upper panel tab to the left, enter the name of your Sim and select the gender, age (children and adolescents can not settle independently at home without the presence of a family of at least one adult character), skin tone, complexion (fromthe most slender to very full) and muscles.
  3. In the next tab, there is a possibility to choose the hairstyle, headdress, long eyelashes, the shape of eyebrows and beard (if a male character), hair and eye color.These parameters can be fixed under the types of clothes with different variations.
  4. further arranged a variety of options of the face, mouth, nose, eyes and ears, as well as the features of appearance (such as freckles and moles) and even make-up.In
  5. clothing tab, you can choose for your character casual and sportswear, official and swimwear and nightwear.Each of the types of clothing contains several elements: clothes for the torso, lower body (or full body suit), shoes, and various accessories (glasses, jewelry, socks, etc.).With convenient style editor, you can choose any of the available textures for clothing and color RAL.
  6. The final tab on the choice of character traits (they will affect the career development and interaction with other characters), the dream of a lifetime (sim will seek her perform, receiving a considerable number of points of happiness, which depends on the selected target), preferencesfood, music, favorite color and tone of voice.You can also choose a zodiac sign created by Sim.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time creating a character, use the "Shuffle".Also on the Internet there are lots of additional materials in the form of hairstyles, clothes, make-up and texture for The Sims 3.

If you need to create a character in another game, read the information about this in the video games.