How to create a pony ?

How to create a pony ?

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How to create a pony?

Game "Create your own little pony" is a graphical editor that already contains all the necessary elements to create a little cartoon characters "Friendship - it's a miracle», «My little pony» and others in the same category.The user is offered on the basis of body parts: eyes, mane, nose, and other forms, to create a unique horse or test your powers of observation and make an exact copy of the pony of Equestria.

How to create a unique little pony

This manual is suitable for the options "Create your own little pony" 1, 2 and 3, as the application interface has not changed, the difference is only in the design of the game itself.To make the pony is unlike no other, follow these steps.

  1. Open the application.Select the first option "Torso» ( «Body»).Select the shape of the body are horses, her height, weight and posture by moving the slider on the left side of the screen.
  2. You can also change the shape of the horns and wings for fabulous heroine.
  3. Select the next tab "Eyes» ( «Eye»), decide the shape of the eye and the pupil, the color and shade of the iris.At this point you can add emotions pony by squint your horse.
  4. Open another tab "mane" ( "Mane"), you can experiment with a "haircut" on her head, and the tail of the form (only in the third version, the first two for that contain a separate tab).Choose the shape of the mane and the intensity of its color by moving sliders on the operation panel.
  5. figure would be incomplete if you do not pick up the background against which your character will be displayed.To do this go to the tab "Background» ( «Background»).
  6. tab "Color» ( «Color») you can choose a color for your pony.And only you can decide, is it monotonous or you want to make two-color horse.
  7. Next, go to the tab "Face» ( «Face»).Decide whether a pony freckles or glitter on the face, whether horse or unhappy smile will close the lips, you can also draw an animal whiskers, if the pony boy.
  8. The next tab is called "tail» ( «Tail»).As already mentioned, in the third part of it is missing.Arrange the tail according to your preferences.

Now your character, you can save and proceed to create a new one.The app allows you to show the finished pictures to friends by sending them over the Internet directly from the game window.

The third version of the game you can also choose the pretty accessories for a pony and choose its position in space, for example, depict a horse sitting or jumping.

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