How to create a server in Rust (Rust)?

How to create a server in Rust (Rust)?

Rust Server needs in order to play together with your friends and try out the different modes or just watch the game.In Rust is no concept of a single game, and therefore require the data and server and client part.

How to create a game server to grow?To create a server, you can use two different options - formal and informal.

Unofficial version

server With this method, you place NoSteam type of server hosting or on your computer.

Firstly, you will need to specify the server that uses stim emulator to run the game.Most often used an old version, which is enough to download with the client part and place either hosted or on your own computer.On this server Rast during the game you can use all of the console commands.

  1. download the selected version of the server.
  2. Start the server portion using Server.bat.
  3. Select necessary to fashion games (at the request, it is possible not to install anything) and plug-ins for use on the server.
    • plugin Jail 1.5 RUS to send naughty to prison.
    • plugin AdminDoor 2.1 RUS to open any doors.
  4. Test server for errors and failures, and if they are detected to check availability.A common problem is the inability to connect to friends for the game.This situation occurs most often due to the fact that the ports required for the game are closed.
  5. Set cheat.For your server should have at least a basic cheat.His installation is very simple and is simply copying a folder called easyanticheat in the directory where you installed the game.

Using official server

There is not a lot of projects that are ready to provide quality hosting for Rust game.It should be understood that all of them are quite expensive.Depending on the server, and the proposed cost of hosting options can range from 800 to 1500 RUR.

Next, you need to purchase the official game via Steam.It costs less server - about 400 Russian rubles.Pitfalls in this case is that on that server for the players are not available all the teams.Games on Steam client is updated quite often, and because fashion can either not work at all or not work correctly - will have to play without them.However, all computer games have their advantages and disadvantages.