How to create a tournament ?

How to create a tournament ?

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How to create a tournament?

Today eSports world famous, it attracts thousands of people.Every day, created and produced a lot of games.Developers provide the opportunity not only to play solo, but also the command.To do this, create a variety of competitions, tournaments.To create a tournament for any game, you need a guide.Hyde - is a kind of step by step instructions.It is different for each game.For example, to create a tournament in FIFA 14 or 11x11 football online game, you need to follow the instructions.

How to create a tournament in FIFA 14

  1. Start the game;
  2. We click "Play";
  3. Now click on the "Extra";
  4. We click "Upload tournament";
  5. Click on the number 6 on the keyboard and create the tournament.

You will have a choice of 5 options tournaments, hundreds of teams and hundreds of players.

How to create a football tournament in 11x11

  1. After registration in the game, select a cell "Futsoyuz".It is located on the left of the header.
  2. Select "Tournaments"
    section and then click "Create union".
  3. Click below "Add".
  4. fit out the form in the required information.That bold are mandatory.
  5. The "Zone" means "local".
  6. Under this form of regulation is to be filled.The number of participants is selected automatically according to the number of stages.If Stage 2 - a 4 participants, step 3 - 8 and by analogy.You can also choose to play "On the fly" and to allocate players into groups.
  7. After these actions, see "Available" your event will be displayed.Click on the little pencil that is over it, and starting to carry out the editing.That we need to create the logo of the tournament.There we make the logo of the football club.When all is finished, click "Continue".
  8. the menu look for "Tournaments" and then click "Add".Then select your tournament and specify the start time.Competition should not start immediately after its creation, and the least an hour.


tournaments Tournaments are of two types - commercial and domestic.

  1. Commercial cup or tournament - a tournament in which the sum at a prize should not be more than the amount of money at registration.Cups are divided further:
    • tournament for all comers;
    • tournaments, which are created in a particular order and for individuals.To this species can still be attributed, and the Allied tournament.
  2. Internal - tournament for managers Football Union.

number of tournaments that are created for this game, should not exceed 5 per night.This game is very addictive.And if you live within the football coach, did not realize his talent - this is exactly what you need.Create your own tournaments and enjoy the game.