How to create a farm?

How to create a farm?

Simulator farm today is quite popular application.Many children play such computer games.Now one can not be surprised games in which you need something to grow or build.But apart is the "Zombie Farm" among this kind of games.Let's look at how to create a farm in this game.

Distinctive features

image of zombies, usually characterized with something nasty and horrible.In the same zombie game are rather funny and sad at the same time the characters who strive against all odds again become men.The game is intended for both the older and the younger generation.Game developers are not left unattended and educational aspects of the game, do not forget to diversify it and various comedic situations.


  1. start the game in any social network, such as VKontakte, simply by selecting it among other applications.
  2. Next install it on your main account and run.
  3. Expected download is complete (it may take a few seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the number of participants at this moment).
  4. Then click "Start" in the pop-up window, the daily bonus.
  5. rejoice your winnings, click "Thanks" and close the window.
  6. Next character is transferred to its territory, referred to as an island.
  7. Usually, at the beginning of the game, each character has 2 assistant, the number of which can be increased in the future.
  8. start equipping its territory with cutting Christmas trees.To do this, select the woodcutters and send them into the forest.
  9. Important!To activate buried bury longhorn 2 friends and receive a 2 brain.
  10. take away Christmas trees branches in woodcutters and go to seed planting.
  11. To do this move the mouse pointer over the flower bed that is already dug up, and select seeds.Getting them to sow.
  12. After that, the display shows a timer indicating how much longer they ripen.Well, we have to not get bored, go to visit their neighbors.

Islands, gifts, artifacts

  1. begin their journey with clicking on the globe in which we choose the island, which is available at the moment.Clicking the mouse cursor on it and move it.
  2. collect the available material and going back to his island.
  3. To go to another island click on his plate at the bottom and clicking "Visit".
  4. Then get on his island and using 5 free shovels, trying to dig up valuable artifacts.
  5. then returns home.
  6. Artifacts in the game are used to improve both their zombies, and to create a more comfortable game.
  7. Important!Every day going to the game, you will receive a free gift.Give it to your friends - they will give back to you something of value.

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