How to create a flash ?

How to create a flash ?

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How to create a flash?

seems to create their own flash game - a task complicated and accessible only to trained professionals, but if you have a fantasy, desire and skillful hands, is not so difficult as it seems.So, where do you start creating your own flash game?


storyline of the game - is where we should start.If you do not know what your game is, and what its purpose is, perhaps, for it is not worth taking.In addition to the main story in advance should consider a world in which you put the game and decide what genre is your flash game.Professionals are advised to start with arcades - they create the easiest way.

Well, if your game is like a movie or a book, will have the eyeballs, the main development and final.


games So, you have decided with the script and fully affirmed the desire to create a flash game.Now you want to download a game designer.They are on the internet is full, and each has its own specific features.Some designers have "sha

rpened" by creating one type of game, others - are universal.The most famous "station wagon" include Adobe Flash.Download designer from the official Adobe website.However, it is trial version for free 30 days, but "rasprobovat" it is possible to catch in a given period.

In the constructor, you must first choose a game template, and then create a variety of animated and static objects by means of suitable partitions.In addition, you should choose the color of objects.If you decide to do the arcade also you need to adjust the level of the character movement.In the constructor, a lot of settings, you can "play" them as you like - depending on the genre.


Once you are done to simulate the game, you can run the debugger - this mode will ask you to pass on their own the game.This will test the results.

is important to complete the game inside and out, if you have created 100 levels, will have to go through all of them, because the problem can be hidden anywhere.You can also "experiment" to his friends.

final touches

Give it a name and a legend for his game, write a brief summary.Using the same designer, create a spectacular splash.After this game, you can upload to the network and waiting for fame and money.What?Primitive manner embodied Minecraft was bought by Microsoft for $ 2 billion !!!

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