How to create a game in Game Maker?

How to create a game in Game Maker?

There are many different programs that create different games in all genres, the most popular - a Game Maker.Download it to your computer, you can easily realize your dream.In this article, we will step by step look at how to create a game, Game Maker will be used as a development environment.To do this you will need: downloaded and installed the program, the availability of the Internet, computer.


consider in detail how to make the game in the Game Maker yourself:

  • When downloading the program, select the version 6.1, since it is more functional, allowing you to create a game in any desired genre.
  • now torn off icon in the shape of a ball and a hammer, and begin to create games in Game Marker.First, you must create the object by clicking the upper blue ball, which will open a window where you need to make a picture of the character - the sprite by clicking the New, and then click Load Sprite in another window if you want the sprite from your computer.
  • next step is to make the managemen
    t of your game for it in the same window is open, you need to click Add Event, which means to add an event, then there is a small window, but it Keyboard.
  • In the next window that appears, add 4 buttons through which your character will move: Left, Right, Up and Down.
  • to your hero could walk to the left and to the right, the action Left and Righ.
  • analogous Up and Down to move to the top and down.
  • toy to look prettier - creating a background, choose any, preferably non-small size.
  • This step creates room where necessarily put background objects, etc.Do not forget to adjust the size of the room and everything else.
  • Create a protagonist, choosing the name, from the proposed program list and at the same time create a background of the room.
  • to your background, did not seem too large or small, do not forget to adjust it to the desired size.
  • Creating the enemy - it is our next step.He will be actively chasing after you, and if you touched, you will perish, and the game independently rebooted.ATTENTION!!!Creating games Game Marker suggests the presence of additional features contributing to the creation of this stage, namely, that the enemy was chasing after you.This requires a registration program for the money and getting the key.To register for free, you will need this key: 6F580AC790F2533F22F9343A.
  • now created small object and the sprite of your enemy.
  • adds features, step-movement and make the event.
  • necessary to create another important function - Step towards a point avoiding objects.
  • following function is created by pressing the green button, the pop-up window, insert figure 2.
  • End of a block - this is another feature that requires the establishment.
  • In this step, create a new event.
  • to the main character is dead, when it touches the enemy - it is necessary to establish the function of removal.
  • Now, to delete an event log in the object of the hero and make the function.
  • next stage of the game do restart feature, when the main character is killed by the enemy.
  • After all, you need to open a room and add the enemy at any place.
  • final stage - is to run our game created by the green arrow.All enjoy the game, do not forget to control the arrows.

to create 3D games, Game Marker will need to upgrade to the eighth version.The game, of course, you get a little peace and graphics at a low level, but the 3D, which is also interesting.Various examples of games in the Game Marker you can see on the Internet.