How to become a moderator in Avatar ?

How to become a moderator in Avatar ?

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How to become a moderator in Avatar?

Widespread game "Avatar" is popular among users of different social networking sites such as Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, and Fotostrana such multiplayer games that are based on dialogue of the main characters (users) with each other, building relationships, and so, we need people who will keep order.Such people are called by administrators or moderators.

This position is, in any game, because very often come across people who are due to play a negative expressed toward other players behave inappropriately, breaking the rules.necessary to punish or take steps such players to play in the order is not disturbed.That is what the moderators.How to become a moderator in Avatar?


  1. Go to the site offline
  2. scroll down the page, you will see "Communication with the Administration" section - click on it.
  3. Go to chapter "Questions to the administration" and there leave a request to partic
    ipate in the competition for the position of administrator of the game.
  4. You can also go to the group in the social network VKontakte and submit your application there.
  5. Carefully read the questionnaire that you will be given.Answer honestly.
  6. After you fill out the form and submit the application, the administrator of the forum or its group to consider for some time.Wait until the review process is over, and you get an answer: why do not you come and why, and what approach should be your further actions.The process is very simple and you just need to have a desire to work and understand all the responsibility you take on himself.

Basic requirements for the administrators and moderators of the game "AvatarĀ»

  1. Age - 18+ (site reports that there may be exceptions to the rule - if the candidate for the position is adequate and very familiar with the game).
  2. Candidate moderators obliged to navigate the rules of the game and the user agreement.This is the most important requirement, because the moderator - a person who keeps order in the game.There should be no swearing, insults and other irregularities.
  3. Player Experience - 3 months.The more experience in the game, so, of course, more likely.
  4. The player should not be a serious violation of the game.
  5. Jobseekers Personal characteristics: responsibility, care and activity in the game.It is important that the moderator was in the game at least a few hours a day.
  6. Number of warnings on the forum of all three.This is maximum.If there were violations, insults or other administrators, the candidate is not considered.

necessary to take seriously to this post, if you really want to help the service.Remember that all information that you will need to provide (name, age, experience in the game, and recommendations from other moderators, Skype, etc.), be sure to be tested, so, again, must be taken seriously.

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