How to kill Vormiks ?

How to kill Vormiks ?

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How to kill Vormiks?

Vormiks In the game there are a lot of different bosses.Some of them are winning very easily, just in a jiffy.However, some players are forced to sweat.

In this article, we have given instructions to help you understand how to kill Vormiks most difficult bosses.

Shaman Voodoo

Shaman Voodoo is one of the most difficult bosses in the game Vormiks.It restores health and causing high damage.To defeat this boss, you need to drown it in the first few moves.Defeating demons Shaman Voodoo much easier.Therefore, they should beat the powerful weapon, for example, a sledgehammer.


This boss is also very strong, since it creates clones, which cause great damage, but they are not true.Illusion is best to destroy by means of attacks that hit the areas.Thus it is better to dig in the ground.


this boss should be held as soon as possible.Viking is necessary to fire, otherwise the chances of winning are slim.With each turn

, you will win more and more difficult.So use the time to stop and carefully plan your attack.


against yakuza also important to choose the right tactics.Yakuza is impossible to drown, but the leader can win only poison.Moreover, if you kill one enemy, the remaining will be stronger.The best tactic against this boss - the murder of Steel Warrior, then Tiger and only after that the Storm.

Romeo and Juliet

Proven Tactics against this boss - using shuriken, as well as controlled helicopter.Against them, you need to use a very powerful weapon.At the same time, try to act so that each of them was equal to the number of lives.Thus you will be able to defeat these bosses simultaneously.

King dead

Just as in the case of those bosses who use so-called crepes, you need to kill is not small enemies, in this case the zombies, and once the main bosses.Moreover, one should start with the King.It is recommended to use the cap of poison that will help you survive in this battle.


This boss is perhaps the most difficult in the game Vormiks.To win it, you need to avoid electromagnetic clouds, as well as to use a very powerful arsenal.Moreover, an effective tactic against this boss, unfortunately, no.

Ancient ghost

Ghost can not drown, but you can use a toxic weapon against him.The main difficulty in winning over this boss is the extraordinary duration of the bout.Throughout the fight the player must avoid the clouds and avoided damage.And do not forget about the treatment of health!

For more information you can read the article How to win Vormikse.From it you will learn how to overcome the other bosses in the game.