How to kill Diablo ?

How to kill Diablo ?

Most gamers probably played a game like Diablo.To learn how to kill Diablo, tell our article.

Diablo 1

After the murder of the Diablo game is over, which is why it is not necessary to leave valuables on the floor.After switching on the 16th level, you need to buy 30-40 bottles of manna and life for rapid replenishment during the battle.

The last of the rooms to be Diablo, but he was not himself.Also it is necessary to destroy a lot of the Blood Knights.To make it almost impossible, which is why you must not come close to this place, shoot in this side of the bow, or fireball.This will lure monsters on some pieces.

In the Diablo nothing extraordinary there.He is very strong and thick.For the soldiers a good tactic - to get back to the wall, so Diablo was able to push you.

Diablo 2

Tell me how to kill Diablo 2. After talking with the archangel you enter the lair of Diablo.You must open the five seals to find the Demon.Seals are located at the ends of the cross - shaped Satan's lair.Perebeyte

monsters and come Diablo.He knows how to beat the powerful paw, freeze, let the river of fire.The most dangerous thing for you - a stream of red lightning.If you fall into this stream, you will die.

tactic is this: Satan freeze and remove health in any way.If you play as a warrior - melee, mage - the combat spells.As soon as you see that demon want to let lightning flow (flashes red discharge between his hands) rather run away from him.When everything goes, you need to go back and finish it.

Diablo 3

How to kill Diablo in Diablo 3 - through three bouts.

  1. Heaven.Here you enough to reduce by half Diablo health.The worst distance - average.On her little chance of evading attacks for long-range character.Those who prefer melee, will not be able to attack, but Diablo himself shorten the distance.It is also worth taking advantage of the Well of Health that there is.
  2. Hell.Here you will meet with a dark reflection - shadow double your character.It is the same class, clothing and sex with your hero, but the ability to choose itself.Health at it a little, so it is easy to win.
  3. Heaven.Here the tactics of battle is the same as in the first battle.Plus the fact that the health of the Demon remains less than half.