How to kill a stalker ?

How to kill a stalker ?

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How to kill a stalker?

Warframe game is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online games in Russia.In this game there is a special dangerous character, who is called a stalker.This is an optional boss, which is a victory over one of the toughest in the game.That's why a lot of players there is a question as to kill Stalker.This article is designed to help Warframe player in this task.

Find Stalker

Start standing with his search, as this boss is essentially optional.That is, it is not necessary to kill to complete the game.Stalker appears in all missions.As a rule, it can be found in the Tower Orokin, as well as in all missions mode "Nightmare."In order to meet this character, you must defeat the boss of any other, more desirable.

Note that the chance of Stalker is only five percent.

Combat Tactics

Defeating this boss is pretty challenging.Stalker has a very powerful armor, with his gun pierces any armor and absolutely capable of inflicting maximum damag

e, killing the player for three or four strokes.However, to kill him is still possible.

  1. Once Stalker will immediately start to run away from it.This boss often uses teleportation.
  2. During each of his movements, he pauses for a second or two.This point is useful to attack stalker.It is advisable to use the most powerful weapon.
  3. When Stalker uses a smoke bomb, it is better to use rapid-guns and start shooting forward at the same time, if you can make a breakthrough.

Bugs during the game

not uncommon occurrence of bugs in the battle with the boss.Stalker can attack the player and if for whatever reason a player is killed by the usual mob, then he will become invulnerable Stalker.

Another common bug again is the same in the appearance of invulnerability at the Stalker from the use of their absorption capacity.

Typically, Stalker does not attack players who have ranked below 5. However, there are also cases when the player below this rank is faced with the boss.

In all these cases it is recommended to save and restart the game.

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