How do you know your performance in the World Of Tanks?

How do you know your performance in the World Of Tanks?

efficiency - efficiency.In World of Tanks their designated player performance indicator.That is, the better a person plays, the more experience he gets from every battlefield and the greater the efficiency.

The game is very much appreciated by players with a high efficiency, many are afraid of them like the plague, because in the right hands can destroy a tank with polkomandy enemies.And suddenly you are too formidable force for opponents, but have no idea how to find out your Efficiency?

How is

Efficiency To begin with we shall understand how to calculate the efficiency rating.We are not talking about the ranking of the effectiveness in the tab "Achievements" in the game client on the official site.This is also the efficiency, but it is another formula for calculating.It rarely taken into account.

What mostly affects the efficiency rating Player:

  1. number of destroyed enemies (frags);
  2. Damage Done enemies;
  3. detect the enemy;
  4. Damage allies discovered your enemies;
  5. Points capture the enemy b
  6. Points churning capture a Union framework;

BACKGROUND strongly influenced, because as much as 50 fights inflict Tank Level I for one fight on the tank level X can cause damage.And since the damage and kills - the most important factors in the calculation of efficiency ratings, improved statistics and in particular the level of the game is easier at higher levels of the tanks (although inexperienced players more in the "sandbox").

How to check the efficiency of using

sites There are many sites where you can find efficiencies in World of Tanks.For example:

  • most famous site is the calculation of the efficiency rating.It works already long enough, so find the popularity and trust of the players.To find out the efficiency you need to enter your nickname and press "Download data".
  • site is also popular, and also has its own system for calculating the efficiency rating.On it, too, you need to enter your nickname and click on the button "Determine".Efficiency rating will be at the bottom of the table by winning percentage.
  • site is known for its "NuboReytingom" signature (the signature image on the forums), which is updated for each player.On it you can see the main characteristics of the calculation, including efficiency, which are mentioned above.

How to find out the efficiency of the tanks, which is considered the standard among the players?This ER - efficiency rating (again, not to be confused with the fact that the "achievement").He is shown on other websites and in fashion XVM (although there you can select which rating should be displayed).

Maud XVM

At the time of this writing XVM mod enjoyed more than 1.8 million. Users.This mod is primarily known for the fact that displays the overall efficiency of the tanks and statistics for each piece of equipment.In addition, it displays the statistics for the other players and the game much easier thanks to the excellent modification of the mini-map.

How to see the efficiency of using fashion XVM?First you need to download and install, and then login and enable statistics.Instructions and other information on fashion is the official website or in assemblies mods.

noteworthy that each player can customize the events at its discretion.To this end, it developed an online program on the same site.

How to identify efficiencies in World of Tanks for

color To find out your efficiency in WORLD OF Tunxi color, you need to look at this image:

This table performance efficiency from smaller to larger displays from top to bottom, ie the lowest rate at the top, the highest - at the bottom.Here is a brief definition of the players on the colors of their efficiency:

  • red - a bad player;
  • orange - the player below average;
  • Yellow - average player;
  • green - a good player;
  • blue - a great player;
  • violet - an incredible player.

How to find efficiencies in WoT on the above websites?Look what color colored indicator efficiency rating.The client with the mod installed XVM winning percentage and efficiency, too, is painted in different colors.