How to set the fashion in the world of tanks?

How to set the fashion in the world of tanks?

World of Tanks - popular multiplayer game about tank battles.Coming in 2010, the game won many hearts all over the world for its plausible mechanics.By playing regularly come out with new additions and updates.But fans of the game to help with the improvement with the help of his amateur mods.

However, installing mods in WoT simple matter.Not everyone will understand where we need to write those or other files.To learn how to install Fashion World of Tanks, it will be described hereinafter.

How to set fashion WoT

The difficulty lies in the fact that for each type of mods own installation instructions.Sometimes even have to manipulate the game files to fashion work properly.

Fashion on WoT divided conditionally on:

  • Postproduction.
  • Crew Icons.
  • Icon tank.
  • sights.
  • boot screen.
  • «skins» for tanks.

All mods are always placed in the «res_mods» folder, which is located in the root folder of the game.And in this folder is located several folders with the versions of the game.Install mods folde

r the files you need in the version you are using.

Almost always download the mod files are installed automatically by the installer, but if a program does not, you will have to manually set the fashion.To do this, and you will need this guide to the consideration of the major mods.

How to install mod voice on WoT

To work correctly you need to replace the voice modes standard voice files.To do this:

  1. move a folder to the original voice acting from the address «World_of_Tanks \ res \ audio» in the folder «World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ version of the game \ audio».
  2. Then replace the voice files in the fashion files.

Make sure the old address does not remain a standard voice files.In other modes will not work.

How to install crew

icon Copy files fashion crew icons in a folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ version of the game \ gui \ maps \ icons \ tankmen \ icons.

If these folders do not, create them.

How to install tanks icons

tanks icons are always set on the way «res_mods \ 0.8.5 \ gui \ maps \ icons \ vehicle \ contour».After that, events should work.

How to install another sight

sight files have the extension.swf.This means that the files are flash-animation.Consequently, it is necessary to install them in the «flash» folder.

How to install boot screen

files of this mod must be placed at «World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ version of the game \ gui \ maps \ icons \ map \ screen».New loading screens enrich the expectation before the fight.

How to install "skins" for the tank

«Skin" need to give a special look to your tank.If you want to see on the screen French tank, then set the corresponding "peel".However, a new view will be able to just you.

To install the mod, you need to perform a number of difficult actions:

  1. create the path «World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ version of the game \" folder «vehicles».
  2. Inside the new folder is necessary to create another folder with the name of the country, which belongs to the "skin" of the fashion tank.For example, the folder "french" is created for the French "skins."
  3. then inside the folder with the name of the country creates a folder with the name of the tank.Typically, files fashion, this folder is present and it is just necessary to copy.
  4. go in the game and check.

For this mode you need to know what the tank refers to a particular country.