How to install skins in World of Tanks?

How to install skins in World of Tanks?

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How to install skins in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks gathered around him a great number of modifications that do not change the game, but it significantly easier.One of these - the skins.So name the files, which change the appearance of tanks.For example, from the American Chaffee can make a police tank with good speed and great reviews, and the long Soviet T-28 painted in colors of rescue.

But hardly have skin deserve the attention of many players, if they did not have zones of penetration of tanks.In fact, the tank with the mind remains the same, even logos displayed lettering and camouflage, but on top of them applied area (color, strokes, images), once in that, you can pierce tank armor and damage the module (or bruise one of the crew members).

How to install skins via the installer

  1. Download the archive with the skins on the official game forum.
  2. Unpack the archive.
  3. Before starting the installation, close the game.
  4. In the unpacked folder run the setup file.
  5. Choose the skins you want to deliver.
  6. Confirm the installation.
  7. After installation you can run the game.

How to install skins for certain tanks

It was an example of the installation pack of skins.Let us assume that the developer of this pack has not yet had time to add skins for new tanks, just appeared in the game, but other people have already done them.Then:

  1. Download skins for the desired tank.
  2. Close the game.
  3. Open the folder with a game.
  4. Open «res_mods» directory.
  5. Open the directory of the current update of the game (for example, "0.9.1").
  6. Locate and open the «vehicles» folder (if it does not exist - create and open).
  7. find (create) and open the folder with the tank nation.Since the game contains no producing country, and the nation, the folder name is not on the title states, as well as belonging to him: «russian», «british», «chinese», etc., instead of «USSR», «Britain»,..«China».
  8. Transfer the folder with the skin for a particular tank.The name should be similar to «R01_IS» - this is the folder with the skin for a Soviet tank IS.It must be in the directory «russian».
  9. You can run the game.

Remember that fashion must be constantly updated to each new version of World of Tanks.Set skins for 0.8.7 to 0.9.1 will not work, even with 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 is quite real.Therefore, specify, for any game updates you download skins, but rather use the pack from the official forum - it is the test of time and is constantly adapted to the new version WoT.