Why flies Fifa 12 ?

Why flies Fifa 12 ?

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Why flies Fifa 12?

About sensational football game fifa 2012 heard almost everyone.All versions of this game earned the sincere love of the large army of gamers from around the world.To paraphrase the words of the famous poet, one can say that the more we love the toy, the greater frustration we cause errors in the gameplay.Given the urgency of the complaints found in fifa 2012 error, we decided to look into why the flies fifa 12.

Council first

first step is to remember that the specified route in the Latin alphabet to set our game - the key to the correct operation of the application.Make sure that the account information and documents were given in English.Also, turn off access to the Internet for the game exe file.In order to accomplish this follows:

  • go to "Start"
  • go to "Control Panel"
  • open operating system firewall (in this case Windows)
  • in the window that appears, find the "General" tab and turn off thefirewall
  • open the "Exceptions" and find game
    exe file, then you must remove the installed on it tick

Council second

open the folder "My documents" folder, look for the folder where the game called "the FIFA 2012".In this folder, locate the folder named instance 0, where the file with the extension replay0 bin.Make sure that the game is not running at the moment and remove the file found.After this, open notepad and save the empty file as replay0.bin, selecting "Save" - ​​All files.Then make a right click of your mouse on the saved file and go to its properties.Here tick the option "Read Only", save the results and close the window.

Council third

From any questions concerning why the flies out of fifa 12 for the first time facing and can save the method.To solve the problem with the help of his need to go to the folder "Fifa 2012" through the "Start" menu, placed in your documents.After that, go to the Users folder, locate where your nickname.Make a right click on the folder "My Documents" folder and select "Properties."Find the tab "Location", and then, by clicking on it and selecting the move option, move the folder to a local drive C.

more detail with the solution of the problems you can help be found the following videos: