Why departs Point Blank?

Every gamer knows that this point blank.Fourth December 2009 computer game Point Blank was published in Russia.It is a multiplayer online shooter.Here, for a real money player gets a game bonuses.There is also no subscription fee for access to the game.

Point Blank - is not an easy game.This stunning world of battles between the forces of anti-terror and insurgency.In this computer game, a huge selection of weapons: rifles, submachine guns, shotguns.There is always someone to play with, as many people like this game.Sometimes a point blank has the ability to fly.But why flies point blank?There are several reasons:

  • not stable internet connection.Point Blank - is an online game.If the work is unstable, then point blank network crashes.It appears the inscription "please wait";
  • system characteristics.This computer game has a great system requirements.And PC functions must meet the system requirements of the game;
  • have not been updated driver for your video card;
  • level of game settings are too hig
    h.It is necessary to reduce the level of graphics and limit the playing cards;
  • unstable operation of the operating system.

So, if you constantly flies point blank, then here are some tips how to fix it:

  • disable anti-virus software;
  • need to make sure that the Internet connection is active;
  • check whether other applications are running that use the Internet connection;
  • disable the proxy server;
  • validate the security software settings;
  • refresh start checking the files or restart your computer;
  • disable the cheats in the game and reinstall Windows;
  • restart the application 4game four times.

If these recommendations have not solved your problem, you can still install Disk Cleaner program.This program is designed for cleaning diskettes, flash drives, hard drives and so-called "junk files" that may remain after the change of the operating system or after removing programs

Disk Cleaner -. Free programs and if you are constantly flies point blank and you.You do not know what to do, then this program can solve your problem Because this program is a great opportunity:

  • prompt and rapid correction of errors in the system registry;
  • smooth functioning of the computer;
  • file filtering and cleaning the cache Internet Explorer;
  • .
  • fast view - technology peek;
  • international support;
  • not large consumption of system resources

And if your computer is protected by a firewall network, its use can be a source of problems in this case, you must apply to a system..administrator.He will help you.