Why is the game off ?

Why is the game off ?

Play exciting games loved by many.However, the problems with the games often lurk gamer.To help the player to cope with one of the frequency of problems with the game, we have prepared this article.

In it, we see why the game is turned off or in other words, takes off.


Shutdown Shutdown or departure from the game is a common problem of many gamers, and the solution to this problem will depend on the specific situation.Next, we look at some situations that can fly game.

If the game crashes during

If at the time of how you play, the game abruptly departs, therefore, most likely, you do not have updated drivers.To solve this problem is quite simple - driver download on the official website of the game developer.However, it may be such that the developers have not provided the optimization of games for your video card or processor.In this case, you can download custom patches or patches from the developer.However, it should be noted that these patches are prepared usually several months af

ter the release of the game.Therefore, it is possible that you will have to wait for them.

If the game crashes during startup

give recommendations.

  • If the game was to take off at the time of launch, then you may have a problem with your computer, namely the incompatibility requirements.Check whether your computer is compatible with the game, it may not meet the minimum requirements that are needed to run.
  • Alternatively, you may be using a pirated version of the game, that would explain why it is switched off.If you are using a licensed version, you should contact the technical support to the developer's website.
  • We also recommend that you check the relevance of the drivers, as well as direct x.

Viruses Viruses also may adversely affect the operation of the game.Some of them do not allow you to run the game.Be sure to check your computer for viruses in files, if your game is beginning to take off.This is especially true in the case if you downloaded a pirated version of the game on the torrent tracker.Do not forget that at the time of downloading from torrent tracker you can pass the virus program disguised as a torrent file.Very often, because attackers disguise "bows" - common viruses that can be very harmful.They usually have the extension.bat.Although the label can fully comply with the torrent file, or any other program.

Departs browser game

If you have a browser-based game crashes, the most likely problem is the low speed of the internet.In this case, you can check the modem power cord, or to seek help from your ISP.In the case of a black screen and the relegation game, you need to restart the game as an administrator.To do this, right-click on the game shortcut and select Run as administrator.Also we recommend that you read the article that will tell you what are the reasons why the lag in the game slow down the game.