Why does not the game start?

Why does not the game start?

New items in the game world tightened their networks of anyone's interesting pass game to the end and come out the winner.However, it can not please everyone, because sometimes the game does not want to run.It is important to identify the problem and try to solve it yourself.

From this article you can find out why the game does not start.

What should I do if the game does not start?

There are several reasons why the game will not run on your computer;it is important to identify the problem, and then be able to quickly solve it.In most cases this can be done without resorting to a specialist.We'll talk more about possible problems.

Not enough drivers

most common reason why the game can not run is the lack of drivers or the need to install additional software for the video card.To be sure, it is need to go to the "Start" menu, right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select "Properties" list.In the new window, locate the "Hardware" tab, click "Device Manager" in the tree, select "Display Adapt


So, if you have installed the driver from Microsoft, then it must necessarily change.If next to him exclamation point icon, the driver is also subject to reinstall.Maybe so that you do not find the "Display Adapters" item, but instead you will be a question mark;this suggests that the native graphics card driver is not installed, and the system works with the standard VGA driver.

As a rule, the system itself produces what it does not have enough drivers and wrote his name in the message.You just need to search the network driver and install it on your PC.

Update DirectX module.

uncommon for a normal run of the game you need to update DirectX module.If this is true, then the screen will display a message on the need to update the module or the absence d3dx9_42 file type.dll, which is part of DirectX.You will need to copy the name of the file and find it on the Internet.He then downloaded and copied into the System or System32 folder.They can be found in the Windows folder.

A good option would be to fully install the new version of DirectX.You can do it here.

not enough disk space to install the game

game not only start, but do not install if the PC is not the place for it.In this case the user does not receive any messages, the game "freezes" during installation.The only solution in this case would be to clean the disc and give room according to the system requirements of the game.


system disk to Windows system to work, it needs a virtual memory is correct, which is a reserved space on the system drive to be placed on her swap files.Typically, the default OS has them on the system drive.When not enough space, many of the programs do not run and do not work normally.Typically, when the user sees messages about removing unnecessary files and unused programs.Remove all unnecessary items to the game to start.

Limited Virtual Memory

Most games require a lot of virtual memory;it must be remembered, setting them to normal after the game was launched.If the problem is in the lack of virtual memory, the system displays a corresponding message.To rectify the situation, the following steps should be performed:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu, right-click on the item "My Computer" and select from the list "Properties".in the "Performance" section in the new window "System Properties", go to the tab "Advanced" and then click "Options."
  2. new "Performance Options" window will open before you.You will need to go to the tab "Advanced", find the section "Virtual Memory" and click the mouse to select "Change."
  3. In the "Virtual Memory" tick the box "Custom size" and enter the required settings.Then, in the "Initial Size" enter the same size as the size of a PC memory, and the "Maximum Size" - a number greater than the size of RAM in 1,5-2 times.After entering the values, click "Set" button and «OK» in all windows in order.Restart the PC, then all changes will be accepted by the system.

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