Why is the game does not open ?

Why is the game does not open ?

Probably anyone who plays games on the PC, faced with such a problem, as the inability to run it.Yes, unfortunately, this problem is very popular, however, in most cases it can be easily solved.

Let's see, why not open the game and what can be done to remedy the situation.

not powerful enough computer

known that each game has a so-called minimum system requirements.What does it mean?And what if the technical parameters of your PC is below the minimum requirements of the game, it will not run on it.Typically, this problem is relevant when talking about powerful games, and do not have enough computers usually either RAM or graphics card power.

What to do?If you really really want to play a game that is more powerful than the PC you have to go to drastic measures - to change the computer itself or individual components such as graphics card.This, of course, very expensive, but for the majority of gamers end justifies the means.

Tip!When you purchase the game or download it from the web, always p

ay attention to the system requirements and compare them with the capabilities of your computer, not to spend money and time for nothing to something with which you can not work.

become outdated drivers

Quite often a problem with the graphics card is not limited by its lack of power, and that the user just 100 years has not updated drivers.You can perform the update manually and automatically.

Manual mode:

  1. Open the "Start" menu, then "Computer".
  2. click on an empty space of the window that opens, right-click in the popup menu, select "Properties".
  3. In the new window, find the "Device Manager" and open it.
  4. Found positions "Display Adapters", click on the white arrow next to the position - will name the necessary drivers, click on the right mouse button and click "Refresh".
  5. If the PC has access to the network, the installation will take place on automatic, otherwise copy the name of the driver, get it online, download to your computer and install it.


  1. Download DriverPack Solution program, install it.
  2. Run the program - it will start to search for the missing drivers automatically.
  3. When the program finishes search, it will ask your permission to install, your task - to accept and wait a few minutes.

become outdated software tools

Often, if you can not run the program gives an error, often you can see the type of error "Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library ...".This means that you additionally need to install or download the Visual C ++.It is also quite common to start the game lacks the following components: DirectX, Net Framework, Games for windows live.


course, viruses also can cause inability to run the game, be sure to check your PC for viruses and disinfect infected files when they are detected.Download a free trial version of antivirus software can, for example, on the official website of Kaspersky Lab.

Computer overloaded

game can not be started for the reason that, in parallel on your computer is running several processes, particularly "greedy" browser.Close the browser and try to start the game again.Also restart the computer, it can also help.

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