Why does not load the game ?

Why does not load the game ?

For those who like to while away the evening with a dynamic racing or for the popular shooter, sometimes there are difficulties with the launch of a game.

In this article, we'll explain why not load the game and how to deal with this problem.

When you install the game on your computer

mismatch minimum requirements of the computer games

All manufacturers of video games indicate what parameters should have a computer on which you install this or that game.What makes it more interesting, more colorful and better graphics in it, those are usually tougher requirements.Before buying or downloading games will certainly make sure whether your computer specified parameters.If you do not know these settings, you can view them as follows:

  1. Go to "Control Panel".
  2. Find the "System and Security".
  3. Under "System", select the first item "Viewing RAM"
  4. needed to install and update the drivers.

We all know that any software becomes obsolete over time.Therefore, it is necessary or to update, or replace a

new, more modern software.To work correctly, the majority of video games, you will need to install the latest version:

  • drivers for your video card, which you can download on the official website of the manufacturer (eg, the nVidia or ATI Radeon);
  • DirectX
  • NET Framework
  • Visual C ++

used unlicensed operating system

If you are using a counterfeit or pirated version of the operating system, many important for the normal start-up and future work of the components of the game may not be in it.If you want to play a new and popular video games, have to fork out to buy licensed copies of the OS.

No patch for the game

manufacturing process of video games is very laborious and complicated.Despite the fact that all games are tested before release, they can be saved some trouble, and eventually they need to upgrade.In order for the game to work properly on all devices, developers regularly release patches.If the game does not run on your computer, try to find on the Internet its official website and download the latest updates for it.

Need Run as administrator

Some games only run as administrator.To do this, change your existing account: Control Panel - accounts - adding and deleting.


When the game starts you have normal, but soon after the launch of the image starts to twitch and hang out, maybe you're dealing with the overheating of any component of the system.The fact that modern video games are very powerful, and each computer can not cope with such a high load.In order to test the temperature of the components of the PC, on the Internet there are many free programs (for example, Speccy).

When playing online

mode now very popular multiplayer online game in which you install the client software on their computer games and play on the remote servers.If you have any problems with the launch of this game, try:

  • Clear the cache files and cookies;
  • dig into the settings of firewall and anti-virus;
  • Reinstall the Adobe Flash Player.

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