Why not go to the game ?

Why not go to the game ?

game may not start on the computer for various reasons.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with possible malfunctions and methods of their elimination.

not start the game: the cause and solution

System requirements

In the description of each game is a list of the minimum system requirements.If your computer does not match the above list, the game or do not do, or will hang or give out all sorts of errors.

very important for the correct display of modern games with impressive graphics card has.If you have it is not powerful enough, the game will not work.Also, be sure to pay attention to the amount of system memory - one that requires your PC to perform its tasks.If the iron is standing on your computer, mostly intended for the basic user experience (using office programs, surfing the internet, watching audio and video files), the powerful, "cool" game, he will not pull.


often the reason why not go the game is a computer virus infection.Being able to have a negative impact on all,

without exception, computer components, operating system, software, viruses simply do not give the installed programs (including games) to work correctly.

Regularly scan your PC, as well as all flash media (phones, flash drives, iPods), which you connect to it.And for that you can use as a full-fledged anti-virus programs, and light "portable" versions that can be downloaded directly to a USB flash drive and check its files that you are going to write to the device.It is better to opt for a more robust paid products - they protect the threshold is much higher with a much smaller number of possible errors / problems.


to the game working on your computer, you must have programs that provide the process.First of all, this:

  • DirectX.The key tool that is necessary not only to establish and update regularly.Otherwise, the computer will give you errors like "The file system does not d3dx9_37.dll »;
  • Visual C ++.Another important component.If not available on the PC system will generate an error «Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library ...»;
  • Net Framework;
  • Games for windows live.The program you need to be able to participate in online gaming;
  • Adobe Flash Player and Silverlight 4. They will be needed for different online applications.


they require for video, and sound.And again, these programs should be updated regularly.If for some reason you are not working / not disabled automatic updates, it'll have to do manually.

If drivers are installed, but the system still produces an error, it is possible that the program was established incorrectly or for some reason, "flew".In this case, you will simply reinstall it again.

Also keep in mind that any PC element can fail, including the same card.Determine the cause of the fault can only be a specialist.So if you just can not find the reason why the game does not start, it is necessary to consider this option and sending your PC to diagnose.


If you can not start a network game, it is quite possible, the reason lies in the low speed of the internet.Check it is possible on this site.

If this problem occurs occasionally, it is possible that the server simply there are any problems, it is overloaded (for example, weekends, holidays).Then you just need to wait until the speed picks up the pace.

If the problem occurs frequently, there may be three reasons:

  • The router, cables, connectors and other connecting elements there is a problem.
  • You have a budget plan that assumes a low speed.Change to a more expensive package, and speed will also increase.Or you can look for a provider who is ready for a little money will give you a faster Internet.This market is highly competitive, but because it is quite possible you will find what you want.
  • provider deceives you, producing at the rate of one that was promised to them in the sale plan.In this case, you can either make a complaint to the administration, or simply to change the company at a fair.

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