Russian fishing where catching ?

Russian fishing where catching ?

Russian fishing - popular simulation game fishing.High quality games and detailed portrayal of the landscape allows you to dive into the world of fishing and feel like a real fisherman.In this article we'll show you where and what to fish.

Where to fish in

game The game features more than a hundred species of aquatic life that are found in different water bodies.

  • To move you must use the card;
  • For beginners in the game it is best to start with the location - the lake under the shade of the maple.

Consider popular locations, which are designed by experienced anglers and used in the game.

River Dnepr

Despite the fact that for a long time, the river is exposed to industrial waste, it is characterized by an abundance of various fish.But some species are no longer inhabitants of the Dnieper for several reasons.However, the fact the creators of the game were not taken into account in the river you can find such instances, such as sturgeon, salmon, eel.

most common inhabitants of the Dnieper a

re herring, sturgeon and roach.You can also find bream, pike, perch, catfish, carp and roach.

River Hopper

River is a tributary of the Don River and passes through Penza, Saratov, Volgograd and Voronezh regions.

River full of river dwellers: perch, catfish, carp, bream, perch and others.Less common carp, burbot, minnows.

Lake Ladoga (North Ladoga)

Ladoga Lake - the largest freshwater lake in Europe, which runs a large number of small and medium rivers.

The lake is home to many valuable fish, the largest number of inhabitants of the salmon family.

The lake is home to fish such as trout, smelt, whitefish, bream, roach, perch and many other freshwater fish.

River Vuoksi

River includes a system of lakes in Finland and Russia.The source of the river - Lake Saimaa.

In the river live such valuable fish species like whitefish, trout and salmon.

River Sarah

In nature, the river has a small extent, however, the game "Russian Fishing" This location is very popular.

River passes through the southern part of the Yaroslavl region and flows into the lake Nero.

This location shows the incredible contrast and variety of scenery.

The usual common river fish that is caught using the conventional rod - ruff.crucian carp, roach.Using the spinning, you can catch perch, pike, zander.


island nation, which is in Africa in the western Indian Ocean.Islands surprising for its scenery and fishing in a unique location.

in reservoirs found a huge number of fish, including exotic, such as bonefish, barracuda fish or guitar.

location in the game a huge amount, which are created based on real landscapes.

on that fishing in the game

game has some knowledge in the field of fisheries.In addition, every kind of fish has its own characteristics and individual approach.Therefore, great importance in the game has a variety of bait fish, which must be purchased at the fishing shop.

  • necessary to catch carp on corn cake (cake), and the bait can add flavor - vanilla;
  • perch, pike and chub need to catch on live bait, using as bait frog.It is better to fish using spinning.Also suitable method of fishing using a spinner;
  • roach, perch and rudd are no different in the game whimsicality, so you can catch fish using any bait.Good fish caught on a worm, and bait, as well as using a spinner;
  • burbot, carp need to sleep and catch on live bait.As a bait use meat or frog.

Gathering for "fishing" remember that the fish likes to hide under the driftwood and various irregularities.

sure to explore every location in the presence of pits and spikes, while catching bait casting it in these places.Such shelters especially like the big fish.

And do not forget to choose the right time of day for fishing (early morning, evening and night).

Successful fish!

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