Russian fishing: catching ?

Russian fishing: catching ?

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Russian fishing: catching?

Game "Russian fishing" will allow you to experience the natural beauty of the Russian lands.You will be able to visit the most beautiful lakes and rivers, without leaving home.You will get acquainted with the inhabitants of ponds in all their diversity.In the game you can find not only existing species of fish, but also those who had disappeared.Unexpected surprise will bring you a lot of fun - a pirate and treasure chests.

resulting in a game experience can be applied in everyday life, as the game "Russian Fishing" reveals all the subtleties of the craft.

Here you will learn to choose the right gear for fishing, find the correct place to determine the best time of day to fish.


In the beginning, the player gets to the 1st location.If you start to play "Russian fishing", how to fish, you will be told right now.Here you can get the basic skills in the management and the principle of the game.If you missed something, all this can be

found in the "Help" section.In the opening set fishing gear you'll find everything you need for fishing - tackle and bait.It would be sufficient to start the game.But for the full passage of "Russian fishing" needed the money.Get them can by selling caught fish.

What is necessary to adjust the gear?

To start fishing, you should bring your fishing rod in a working condition.To do this, remove items from the trunk required and click on the "Customize" button.This function only works with a float and spinning system, and bottom gear initially ready to work.Once you select what to catch, you need to configure the tackle.This will help your bait down as close as possible to the bottom.


When you have configured all of your gear and the rod, you can begin to catch.Make a casting, by clicking the mouse on any place on the pond.If you have selected a spinning, then you need to hold down the "G" key to the wiring and to expect when predatory fish starts to attack.When you select Donkey everything is easier when the fish begin to bite, you will hear a bell ring.Now we need to pull out the fish, so that it does not tear.To do this, make sure the slider, it should not go into the red zone.

How to sell fish?

Game "Russian fishing" it is impossible to go without money.Therefore, the fish you caught can be sold.It can be done on the basis of in a special area.Good catch rare fish species ensures greater profit.But, as practice shows, your first catch will consist of small fish.

There are some species that later can be used to gain catching a large specimen.To explore all the options for using the fish, press the "Menu" button in the cage.

As in the game to make money?

You can make money not only from the sale of fish, there are other ways.Participate in various competitions and adventures.From this money will replenish the balance, and in addition you will be given as prizes exclusive toiletries.

suitable place for fishing

Using sonar, you can determine where the fish are biting best.If it's not, try to throw the bait in places around snags and uneven bottom of the reservoir.In such places usually are found large individuals.

Determine the time of day

After reviewing all the subtleties and secrets of the game, you get a great catch.The fish are advised to catch the early morning or late at night, because during the day it is not particularly active.To save time during the day - customize your gear, engage in sales or visit the event.At night, you can catch a big fish: pike perch, roach, carp and crucian carp.

Using vouchers

for departure to the next base, use permit, if not the necessary experience, or all-terrain vehicle.It can be purchased at the store, look for the treasure in the treasure or win the tournament.

To fully acquainted with the game, use the "Settings-Control".Good luck fishing!

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