What to esteem from modern prose ?

What to esteem from modern prose ?

"unread books are able to take revenge." (Ray Bradbury)

Reading books - a purely personal matter.Everyone has different tastes.Someone who likes science fiction, some documentary.Some read only the books, and some just what catches the eye in the content of the billboards and bulletin boards.Someone like printed books, someone draws the publication of the Internet.Whatever it was, you need to read.And it is doubly important to read fiction, because it is the standard of our language.If you want to beautifully and correctly speak - see, gentlemen.

Modern literature offers us countless authors and works, how different genres and artistic value, from the stuffy detectives and novels that like to read on the subway, to the serious dramas that represent real works of art.What to esteem from the modern literature?Following the article objectives, "rundown" on the most prominent authors of contemporary prose and their works.

What to read from contemporary prose - options

Richard Bach - "Jonathan L

ivingston Seagull"

Bach talks about a seagull who is studying the life and art of flight.The author touches and raises topics of human life as a self-improvement and self-sacrifice.The book talks about what you need to expand the scope of their routine and strive for their dreams.Richard Bach says in his book about the importance of the moment that is happening here and now.The product provides rich soil for reflection about his life.

Janusz Wisniewski - "Loneliness in the network"

book tells about communication on the Internet.The heroes of the book are found in Internet chat rooms, which share their erotic fanataziyami.They talk about their lives, and these stories are sometimes even superior to the brink of a reasonable sense.In the end, the heroes meet in Paris, where they were subjected to real love real test.The product has a strong emotional impact.Of particular note is the plot of the book.Constant perepitii characters keep the reader in suspense until the end of the novel.

Paulo Coelho - "The Alchemist"

book by Paulo Coelho "The Alchemist" has been recognized as one of the most popular books in 117 countries around the world.Many celebrities say about this book, as a global bestseller.The book is read pleasantly, quickly and in one breath, and her people are advised to read the most Rakhno ages.From the works can be found a large number of wise sayings of our lives.The book inspires people around the world.

Paulo Coelho - "Eleven Minutes"

The book tells the story of Mary, who was disappointed in his views about love and sex.images of two lovers invented it, merged soul and body, are only unfulfilled utopia.In the book, the author touches upon themes of loneliness, finding harmony, the theme of pain and other urgent issues of our lives.Coelho makes the reader think, to speculate about their lives and about what the reasons for his unhappiness, or, conversely, success.Many readers are reflected in the works of their actions Coelho.This is especially characteristic of the novel "Eleven Minutes".Also, the novel raises a crucial existential issue any living person - the problem of choice.

Marc Levy - "Where are you?"

book asks us questions like: what you need to gain happiness, and able to keep the mutual love of the human quest for meaning in life?Genre books referred to psychological drama.Levy posits that in many ways our life is subject to children's fears and dreams.The author addresses the themes of love and loneliness, and makes it his very special way.Books Marc Levy imbued with a beautiful sadness.

Patrick Suskind - ". Perfume Story of a Murderer"

ekranizovan novel was then acquired a special reputation.Despite the fact that the novel was published in Switzerland in 1985, Suskind book still takes pride of place among the world's best-selling.Book unthinkable way and now attracts and intrigues readers and critics.The novel tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille.He - a perfumer, who is trying to reach the heights of the ideal flavor cost of human lives.