" 2048 " : how to win ?

"2048": как выиграть?

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"2048": how to win?

Game "2048" - a mathematical puzzle.Its meaning lies in the fact that on the 4 by 4 square connecting the squares with identical numbers up until you see the number of 2048. In the game there are only numbers 2 and 4 of them are invited to gather winning number.It would seem that it is very simple, but in reality only the same cell can be combined, and for each of squares of displacement in the direction of shifting all the squares on the field.

Game "2048" quickly became very popular, and there were winning strategy for her.We'll talk more about how to win the "2048".

method three buttons

meaning of this method lies in the fact that the summation of numbers using only three of the four buttons.For example, "down", "right" and "left" and "Up" button is not pressed.Then there are the largest number in one corner of the field, and they can easily accumulate.

In this strategy, there is a minus: sooner or later have to press the "up" and the

n the tiles with large numbers will move away and in their place come twos or threes.If we manage to connect them, and neutralize, you're in luck, if not - will have to start all over again.

method one corner

It is very similar to the previous method, the difference is that the three are not used, and two buttons.Thus large numbers of all collected in a single corner.The disadvantage here is the same - still need to use additional buttons.In this strategy, you can increase your chances of blocking the movement of large numbers.To do this, the series where they are accumulated, was completely filled with different tiles large numbers.

accumulation on the rise

Perhaps the most effective and mathematically sophisticated way.It is necessary to build up the number so that in the farthest corner of the largest number and are sequentially decreased.Then the appearance of the opposite side of numbers 2 or 4 can always combine them with the previous ones, and so on a snake, while at the far end does not meet the maximum number.

Universal ways to win in the "2048" does not exist.There are several mathematical laws, knowing that it will be easier to move forward in the game, and then everything depends on your ability and luck.

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