" Behind Enemy Lines " : how to play ?

"В тылу врага": как играть?

popular game in the genre of action is the "Behind Enemy Lines 2: Storm of."Its development was engaged in Ukrainian company Best Way.At the moment, she gladly played by many gamers and ordinary users.

In addition, it is possible to play on the internet.

What you need to do to play on the network?

In order to play "Behind Enemy Lines" on the network, you need to install Tunngle program.This new solution VPN, allowing service the best games and online entertainment.This utility will play a variety of games, creating a kind of network.Download this software from the official site better for these operating systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7.

Then you need to install the software and register an account, and make sure Tunngle communicated to the appropriate priority.Then you need to start the program, enter your login and password.This is followed by the left side of the window to select a genre, and the right - the right game room.After that it remains to run the game and go to the server browser an

d choose the one that is needed.It's time to play!If all the operations were successful, but in the game no servers, you will need to configure or disable the firewall.

How to play "Behind Enemy Lines 2: Storm of" network

Multiplayer mode "Behind Enemy Lines 2: Storm" makes it possible to arrange an exciting battle network.A detailed game world offers great opportunities.Manage tanks, infantry, the ability to ambush and capture the strategic point where every object can be used as a shelter or simply destroyed.It allows you to develop your own strategy, use a variety of tactical maneuvers.As a result, you will find your style of fighting.Each battle is interesting and unique, because the multiplayer mode allows you to use all possible techniques, weapons and any infantry units.

Battle on the network are in the form of rounds.Their time is specified when creating the game, usually round lasts half an hour.In the case of successful actions (depending on mode) player or team get points.Accordingly, the winner is the one who gets the most points.If the game ends with a tie, a draw is declared.In each of these virtual battle can participate from 2 to 16 players.

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