Mount blade: how to become a king ?

Mount blade: how to become a king ?

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Mount blade: how to become a king?

Mount Blade - a computer game in the medieval style.Here you can ride a horse and fight, conquer castles and even become kings.Many players dream to be at the top of the castle, but how to become king in Mount Blade, knows not everyone.

Becoming a King

There are several ways to obtain the status of the king.

Method 1 - Capturing a fortress

If you want to become the king of the game, you will need to do a few steps, opening the management console character:

  1. rejection of oaths.In order to become a ruler, you must voluntarily give up the vows, which you gave to their ruler.
  2. rights to the throne.For the king's status, you must have more than 30 rights to the throne.Rights may be obtained by directing his teammates on different land to the local population in the belief that you - the king.
  3. Choice opponent.Choose the weakest opponents, allowing you to quickly grab their land and receive the coveted throne.Capture as much land
    .This is done to their credibility glasses went negative.Then grab the land you will not be difficult.So you get a lot of points and experience.
  4. Advisor.Also important is the appointment of an adviser, who will conduct all of your business.This character can be selected from your allies.
  5. Title kingdom.Also, do not forget to come up with the name of your new kingdom.
  6. vassals.In order for your state strengthened, you need to enlist the support of several vassals (the larger the better).The best option - is to negotiate with the vassals, who are attacking your castle.Promise them gold or anything else.

Method 2 - marriage

If you do not want to attack anyone, you can go the other way.You need to find the daughter of the king, and marry her.Thus you will automatically become king.

To do this, find out where he lives princess: walk in taverns and communicate with the locals.In addition, learn a poem - to the princess had a good opinion of you.

It just meet her you can not, this is only possible at the festival.Once you meet with a lady in her city is the inscription: "to visit the lady," but this does not mean that you will immediately see it.You will meet with the nurse, who will hint to you that for the princess courting another gentleman.You need to bring him to a duel.Only then you will be able to meet the daughter of the king.

Method 3 - Property of Pendor

In addition, you can use the mod Property of Pendor (download link -. Rusmnb ru), gather an army and capture the state.It is worth noting that this mod completely changes the gameplay.Good it is for more advanced players.

installing this mod, you create your hero, then their country and pass the way from the simple mercenary and to the king.

It should be noted that this method is similar to the first, but in the course of the game opens up new possibilities.

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