Skyrim: Daedric where to find ?

Skyrim: Daedric where to find ?

Skyrim - RPG game that for many months playing all lovers of fantasy worlds.In this game, there are exactly 15 powerful artifacts of the Daedra, which the player can get for completing quests.On the game Skyrim, where to find a Daedra - artifacts, as well as a rare ingredient, as the heart of the Daedra, we'll talk in this article.

Daedric Artifacts

  1. Mehrunes Razor - Daedra Mehrunes Dagon.You must first take at carrier invitation to the Museum, which is located in Dawnstar.The character must be at least the twentieth level.It is also possible just to eavesdrop on conversations of local residents and thus begin to fulfill this quest.
  2. Molag Mace Ball - Daedra Molag Bala.Quest is called "House of Horrors".The character at the time of taking the quest must be at least a tenth level.Get him in the city can be Marquart near one of the houses at the Sentinel Turan.
  3. Wabbajack - Staff - Daedra Sheogorath.We go to Solitude and find Dervenina who walks through the streets of this city.
  4. Volendrung - a powerful two-handed hammer Malacath.It should be at least 9th level.We leave for the south-west of the Rift find orc fortress Largashbur, and in it - shaman Atouba, which will give you a quest.
  5. Star of Azura.To get the quest, you have to go to the shrine of Azura, which you will find on the mountain south of Vinterholda.
  6. Ring Namir.Quest is called "taste of death", which you can start by talking with his brother believed in Markarth.
  7. Skin Savior or ring Hircine.One or another artifact you will be able to get into their possession, passing a quest that will give you a Daedra Hircine.To do this, you must arrive at the cemetery in Falkreath and chat with Matesom.That he will open for you to this quest, and with it the opportunity to get the artifact.
  8. mask Clavicus Vejle.Daedra Artifact Clavicus you will get no earlier than the 10th level in Falkreath by completing the quest with a dog Barbas at the request of a local blacksmith.
  9. Oghma Infinium book by Daedra Hermaeus can get all you after completing the quest that will give Septimius Cygnus.It is situated to the south-east of Vinterholda at his post.
  10. Shield "Destroyer Spells" can be obtained by reaching level 12.To do this, you need to complete the quest Daedra Periayta in his sanctuary, to the north-east of Markarth in Kesh.
  11. Rose Sanguina - staff.Can you get it by completing a quest that will give you Sam Geven at the 14th level.This character appears in a random tavern throughout Skyrim.
  12. Shining Dawn - the sword, which you will receive on Dyer Mira.The statue is located west of Solitude.
  13. damage Skull - staff that you get from Daedra Verminy.Quest is taken from Dawnstar Erandura.
  14. Ebon Blade - Mephala artifact, which you can get after the 20th level, if you become Thane of Whiterun.Going into the tavern, ask rumors and get the quest "The door that whispers."
  15. Ebony mail.Read the book Daedra Boethia, which is called.Level 30 - minimum.

Skyrim.Where to find the heart of the Daedra

They can be found by going such task: "Fragments of past glory" and "Star of Azura."You can steal the heart Yorrveskr (tray near the cabinet), or purchase from the alchemist in Falkrite.