What to read a girl ?

What to read a girl ?

Every parent wants to see their child educated, well-read, with a flexible mentality.Instill these qualities will help ordinary book.And it is desirable to develop the process of reading in childhood, when the child is open to everything new.An adult is a guide in the world that teaches a child, shows, directs.And check out that girl at the beginning as it chooses.

In the preschool age dominated play activity and reading a book can take quite a short time.But it is important now to introduce the child to the concept of the book, with its contents, pictures.Even let it be just a few minutes a day, but gradually the child gets used to reading and will wait with interest the new product.

best start to a fairy tale for girls, you need to read when the child is relaxed, in good spirits and is interested in the cover of the book, pictures, painted in it.Only a positive attitude can generate interest in reading.If the girl is not in the mood, he refuses to read it now, you should put the book down until

such time as she does not take the initiative in this direction.

What to read a girl younger

Prefer to be tales of Russian authors, because their works are closest to the Russian mentality.Particular attention should be paid to the following books:

  • S. Marshak, "The Cat's house".
  • Chukovski "Poems for children."
  • A. Barto "Poems for kids."
  • Volkov, "The Wizard of Oz."
  • ANTolstoy "The Adventures of Pinocchio".
  • V. Suteev "The book of fairy tales."

From foreign authors The most popular tales of Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, Sh Pen.

is important not just to read a book with a child, but in the course of reading the child to explain a particular behavior of the characters that he understood the meaning of reading.

Recently on the shelves of bookstores began to appear a children's book for girls, which can be read and without parents themselves.Adolescent girls are most interesting to read are books by authors such as the:

  • JK Rowling's "Harry Potter".
  • B. Dragoon "Deniskiny stories."
  • A. Exupery "The Little Prince".

Many people may be interested in the genre of fantasy presented by such authors as Lukyanenko and Perumov.

When a girl reaches adolescence, the mom and dad are no longer perceived as the main authorities.Grown children can choose for themselves the book.Novels for girls to read can be very useful and instructive, however delicately propose suitable age wise parent book- task in this period.

most attractive for reading in adolescence are the books-novels, where the main character stands a girl or woman, wrapped in a veil of amorous feelings.Popular series of books such as "Science for Girls" by sisters Sparrow, "School in Sweet Valley" Pascal, tales of Moomin by Jansson.

should be neatly sum up the girl to reading books to her interest arose spontaneously and consciously.Then the effect of reading it will be more productive.