What to read to the boy ?

What to read to the boy ?

Each book is designed for a specific age of the child.But many parents, for some reason forget about it.They think that if the kid is reading more adult books, it says it is better developed than that of their peers (as some read the three-year "The Hobbit" crumbs).In fact, the baby is not ready yet to understand the full meaning inherent in the book and learn to perceive the literary works of the surface.

Books for Boys 10 years

9-13 years for a child - it's a great time when he had already mastered reading at a sufficient level so as not to take it for flour and ready to give herself to the sense of the work.The main task of parents is to offer the boy such a book, which would have prompted it to continue to read and not read at all discouraged.

How do you know, for what age is the book?Focus on the age of the main characters.If the main characters of the book are in the age of 9-13 years, this book is suitable for your child.Books should be exciting, carry a certain moral life to a child lea

rned the good, justice and fairness.Events should be developed rapidly, descriptions should not occupy a lot of space.

Children's book for boys

Children's book for boys may contain tales.Children enjoy the exciting world in which they live heroes, knights, talking animals, and good always triumphs over evil.You can start with such books as:

  • «Flying Ship" or "Sivka-burka."
  • You can refer to the works of foreign writers ( "Aladdin and the magic lamp," "The Wizard of Oz", etc.).
  • Certainly an interesting book for boys will be the story of Fyodor uncle, cat and dog Matroskin ball ( "Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat").Adventures of continuing in other books.

So, the child will be able to for a long time not to part with their favorite characters ( "New orders in Buttermilk", "Uncle Fedor goes to school, or from the Internet in Nancy Buttermilk", etc.).If the parents do not know what to read to the boy, then you can stay on the adventures of Dunno ( "The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends").This book also has a continuation of the "Island of Dunno", "Dunno in Lego Park", "Dunno and enchanted castle", etc.

Books Adventure for boys

a good book for a boy of 10 years will be "Deniskiny stories."At the same time, and parents will be able to see the world through the eyes of a child.Very useful product Vladislav Krapivin ( "Boy with a sword" and others).Magical adventure for boys opened in books about Harry Potter ( "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and others).

Most importantly, try to attach the child to books gradually.Periodically offer the book you want, if you think it appropriate, but do not insist if the boy rejects it.Perhaps he will come back to her reading a year or two.Much worse, if your pressure you discourage his hunt to read at all.