Which game to play ?

Which game to play ?

can say without a doubt that everyone loves to play.Games there are so many - a wide variety of topics, genres and types.Therefore, sometimes quite difficult to decide which game to play.Let's understand this interesting topic.

What game play: PC and Xbox

Selection of games for the computer or game console depends, primarily, from the genres preferred by the player.Let's look at the most common:

  • shooter (shooter).Perhaps this genre is a favorite for the vast majority of men.Classics of the genre are Max Payne 1 and 2. By the way, in 2012 came the third series of the game, which was praised by critics and players.
  • In the same year came out and another game that will not leave anyone indifferent man - Far Cry 3. As the last part of it is devoted to survival in the jungle, but this time the story is much more interesting, and improved graphics and mechanics in times.
  • If you love atmospheric games, then you will appreciate the Mafia 1 or 2.
  • By the way, if you want to shoot with friends on the
    network, you can play the iconic Counter-Strike.
  • But now gamers prefer Battlefield and the last part of the Call of Duty.After all, they have a single player game and a multiplayer mode quality.
  • If we talk about what game to play online, you can not forget about the popular games such as WOW and Lineage 2. In each of them, a huge game world, and the ability to strongly interact with other players.

If you like to play RPG in the single player mode, then you should pay attention not to the following games:

  • Diablo.Certainly, every fan of computer games ever played it.By the way, in 2012 there was a new part of the famous saga, in which you can play on the network.
  • Gothic.This series of games is notable for its darkness and a great storyline.
  • The Elder Scrolls.Another well-known series of games.In 2012 there was a new part - Skyrim, which has won the hearts of many people.
  • Racing.Among the races more interesting and beautiful - this is Need for Speed.By the way, it is now left quite a lot of different parts, so you will be able to find something to your taste.Burnout Paradise also has a fairly high marks among players.A Race Driver: GRID - the game though, and left in 2008, but so far it seems quite modern.
  • Action.If you like energetic scenes of fighting, dynamic plot and a variety of tests, it is worth paying attention to the game of this genre:
  • Batman: Arkham City and The Amazing Spider Man - are the best in the genre of Action over the last couple of years.
  • If you like historical perspectives and beautiful landscapes, the Assassin's creed skip does not.And fans of steampunk no way to pass Dishonored.

In what game to play together

If you think what game to play together, and here the choice is pretty big.For those who prefer intellectual games, you can play a game of checkers, chess, backgammon, st.

If you like abstract games, and in your city there is a store board games, then you are guaranteed a great night.The most interesting options - Genga (Tower), Batik, corridors and Bambuleo etc.

Games for two can also be found among sports.For example, table or tennis, badminton, and table football or hockey.In addition, the two of you can play billiards or bowling.

If you decide to play in something with your second half, the erotic forfeits - the most appropriate solution.They perfectly decorate the evening, and will also be a test for your partner.In addition, role-playing games are also good for evening entertainment.Come up with a script and prepare the suits - to be fun.

What games should play in the company

Perhaps most of all there are games for companies.If you like to spend time actively, then you can play team sports - volleyball, football, etc.

For those companies who like to think, you can play in the large and complex board games like "Civilization", "Arkham Horror", "Game of Thrones."

transitional options for entertainment games is a board game "Munchkin".This is a game for two to six people puts a fun role play cards full of humor.

can distinguish among the entertaining board game "Uno" or the Russian version of "Piggy», «Alias», «Activiti», «Dixit».By the way, if you have a regular deck of cards, you can play the fool, poker, etc.And the mafia - the famous card-communicative game.

But not all companies have a board or card games.Here's how you can play games without any additional devices:

  • Crocodile - a game in which you need to show the words with gestures.Ideal for large companies.
  • True or action - a Russian analogue of the favorite games of the American youth.Try the test yourself!
  • «Association", "city" - are ideal if you are limited in the space.

massive urban games

In addition, if you need the emotions, it is worth to play a great game, which is a platform for the whole city:

Encounter.In this game you have to perform a variety of creative, intellectual, sports jobs in various parts of the city.To date, this game is held in 20 cities around the world.

This game - Night liga.The only difference from the Encounter, that the action takes place at night.

Also growing in popularity gaining airsoft and paintball, which are a great way to throw out excess energy and relax, shooting friends paint.

Now you know what games to play at home, outdoors or in the gym.Enjoy your time!