What to read a child 5 years ?

What to read a child 5 years ?

Children are constantly being developed, they grow, and with them grow their capabilities.In order for children to develop, you need to play with it and be sure to read.If your baby is not able to read or read very badly, try to interest him books.

the age of five the child permanently to all interested and asks many questions.This is an excellent opportunity to teach your child to look for answers to their questions in various books and encyclopedias.

Do not show your child that all information can be found on the Internet, because at this age the child is still not able to seek information and to select is really true, and teach him this is not required, because it is older and learned everything by himself.

What to read a five-year child and how to do it

  1. When reading aloud to pass intonation.It will be interesting to read with your child small thumbnails on roles.
  2. child will be interested in a variety of adventure stories and fairy tales.Here it is possible to use cunning and the most int
    eresting place to interrupt a story to your child like to read, even if you have to do it yourself.
  3. also let it be a book with colorful illustrations that the child did not lose interest in the story.After all, if the book will be one only small letters, the kid does not want to read the book yourself, because it will be boring.
  4. Choose publications that are printed in large letters.If the child is still not accustomed to reading whatever was interesting story, if it is very long, the kid just tired.


  • AA Milne"Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all."
  • AN Tolstoy"The Adventures of Pinocchio".
  • E. Assumption "Crocodile Gena and his friends", "Vacation in Buttermilk."
  • Kozlov "Hedgehog in the Fog," "The native forest."
  • Krylov IA"The Elephant and the lap-dogs," "The Crow and the Fox".
  • P. Yershov "Humpbacked Horse."
  • Tales AS Pushkin
  • Children poems by S. Marshak, A. Barto, V. Orlov, E. Moshkovskaya, Yu Moritz J. Akim V. Berestova, Z. Aleksandrova, E. Blaginin, B.Zakhoder.
  • Tales of the world.

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