What to read in the world?

What to read in the world?

No matter how widespread television and the Internet, books continue to occupy its deserved place among the ways of leisure, because sometimes that can create imagination while reading can not be transferred to the screen or monitor.What prefer to read in different countries?What

read in England

Gone are the days of the legendary Arthur Conan Doyle with his detective from Baker Street and the British today increasingly prefer the classics of American writer John. Updike (1932-2009), whose characters belong to the Protestant middle class and solve problemsconventional in their world.

His trilogy of "The Scarlet Letter" and a series of books about Rabbit chafe the minds of many English-speaking readers, who in addition to creative exploration respected writer in his conservative views on politics in general.

is read in America

Americans today are more interested in the life of the East and with pleasure read books Sudanese refugees about their lives at home.No North Americans lost interest in

its history, continuing to read the novels of William Faulkner (1897-1962), telling about the American South since the landing of white settlers to this land and to the early 20th century.

special place in his works engaged in civil war of 1861-1865., Which became a kind of end of the South, who knew the father of the writer, and about which he talked a lot.

Other countries

Israel continues to shake the military clashes with the Palestinians, so the creativity of his countryman Amos Oz (b. 1939), who was considered the main contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2009, is particularly popular.

Residents of Italy is mainly interested in books about the Mafia life and the period of their country's history, when it rules fascist dictatorship.And here in Germany so far critics are paying enough attention to the study of anti-fascist views in the work of young German authors.

In general, does not lose popularity and easy to read about love, friendship and human relationships.Rating of the most widely read books you can find in our article What is now read.

And to choose interesting books based on personal preference, be sure to read Reading on our website.