What girl reading ?

What girl reading ?

Reading plays a huge role in the life of any person.Literature allows you to acquire new knowledge, broaden their horizons and vocabulary.In addition, reading perfectly relieves stress and helps you relax.

Today we talk, they read the girls.

Popular "feminine" book

Manerlin Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind"

novel is a bestseller in American literature and on its grounds filmed eponymous film.

story describes the era of the Civil War, affecting not only the politics, economics, and love relationships.In addition, the work tells the story of friendship and betrayal, loyalty and jealousy.

In the middle of the action - purposeful coquette Scarlett, surrounded by the love of parents and numerous servants.And self-confident, handsome, rich Rhett.The meeting of two main characters - a clash of strong characters and violent passion.

Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"

Roman is recognized as one of the best works of world classical literature.Based on the works of several movies filmed.

main theme of the work - the relationship.The author very subtly and humorously conveys features of views and opinions that prevailed in her eyelids.

The main character of the novel - educated girl named Elizabeth, originally from a poor family.She is famous for the independence of judgment and insight.Elizabeth's family consists of father and mother, as well as four other sisters.

Elizabeth lives a moderate life enough as long as it does not break the fate of two new characters - a carefree and romantic Bingley and Darcy cold and proud.

Janusz Leon Wisniewski "Loneliness in the network"

novel "Loneliness in the network" is the first book of the Polish writer.A screen adaptation of the novel was published in 2006, however, the popularity of a particular film is not obtained.

The book tells about the relations that have arisen in the global Internet.Heroes get acquainted, communicate, fall in love by the virtual correspondence.In addition, the author introduces the reader to the characters life outside the network.

Meeting Heroes takes place in the city of love - Paris.Soon, however, they are waiting for the hard tests that will play a role not only in their relations but also in life in general.

Novels Cecilia Ahern

Among the girls are very popular Irish romance writer.Based on her works filmed movies and TV series.

most popular book - "P. S. I love you."Modern history tells us that sometimes true love is stronger than death.

The main character of the novel - the Thirty Years Holly, who loses her husband.Girl falls into despair, which can not cope on their own.Soon, however, Holly receives a parcel of letters.She was allowed to open one letter a month.

fact that her husband knew about their imminent demise and decided to help his beloved.He wrote her a letter with directions and instructions that help find new happiness heroine.

also popular among girls novel D. Steele, S. Brown, D. Picoult.The writer described in his works, passion, love, relationships and adventures.

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