Where to find blueprints ?

Where to find blueprints ?

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Where to find blueprints?

The 4th version of Assassins Creed players are available as much as 18 amendments to the ship.However, you can get them only collecting specific figures lurking in the secret places of the game.We show you where to find the cherished paper.

Drawings for weapons

  • Taran.The coordinates of the point: 181 296. On the top deck of the sunken ship "La Concepcion" you will find a chest with wealth and new paper.Look for debris near the bottom center.
  • heavy nuclei (307 195).Upstairs in smugglers' haven Ambergris Cay get the treasure map that will tell you where to find the drawings.Then you need to go to the Mayan temple (the biggest need on Misteriose).Your goal - to review point for him.That's where you'll find a treasure and a new drawing.
  • set of several guns (471170).Once again, time to go diving.At this time, the dive will take place in the Big Blue.In the northern part you will find the wreckage of another loser-ship.Look for the draw
    ing underneath.
  • incendiary shells (479,487).A map that shows the way, hidden in the northern part of Santanili.Find the wrecked ship and inspect its nose section.After that, according to the map out to the tunnels under San Juan.They arrange their smuggling base.Treasure found in the very first room.
  • falcon (487,357).Immersing again to the bottom.At this time you will find "The Eye of the Devil."Task - to find caves and get to the end of these hidden in the mountain tunnels.There will already be waiting for you a secret chest drawing.
  • Harpoon (579,720).To find a map with a further route, visit the transitions are located in the center of Mayaguana.One cherishes a treasured card.Focusing on it, go to the southwest of the Island Andreas chest.
  • mortars (630 660).Define the compass north-east, to move in this direction, until you see the wreckage "Antoci."Chest with the desired paper hidden under the deck.
  • Cores (769,145).Once again, an hour to sink to the seabed.In its central area, there are the ruins of the temple (you need one that is closer to the starting point).Look at the shrine to find another chest.

Drawings for assistive devices

  • compartment savings mortirnyh cores (333,650).There were in Tortuga?You have a chance to fill the gap.Swim in the north-east of the island.There you will find a map.And the cache will wait for you in the eastern part of Matanzas, and go back.
  • housing (379,770).Again, attention to the bottom - in the north-west are the wreckage of the ship "San Ignacio" inside - a cherished drawing.
  • compartment savings of heavy nuclei (901,263).Cayman bay has something to make you happy.In the northern part, in the grotto Petite Cavern (which is in the south-west) you will find the treasure and drawing.
  • compartment incendiary shells (502, 44).The new paper is found in the performance of the vehicle fleet operation, "Scarlet fever" in eastern Canada.In the southern coast of Providencia for fragments of another ship in distress, you can find a treasure with the drawing.

drawings for processing ship

  • Sail flowered (215,449).Look for the ship in the southern part of the seabed.
  • snake figure to decorate the bow (749 625).The new goal - the island of Abaco, Salty Lagoon - chest drawing there.
  • Helm made of rare ebony (623,172).In the center is a pyramid Misteriosa.On the middle floor it is hidden in a secluded place card.Lay it on the way forward.Himself drawing can be found in the eastern part of Kingston near three boxes of wood (they lie on the shore).
  • Another figure to decorate the bow (240 607).In the north of the harbor, near the cathedral you will find the deceased person.In one of the pockets of his clothes is a map.Take it and go out there to the specified route.
  • Sail gray (633784).Keep heading north-west of the cave Great Inagua.During the drawing out to the refuge of pirates, that Nassau, to the north of the estate.
  • Another original steering wheel (335,469).Your goal - the south-east coast of Cumberland Bay and specifically - the Isle of Pines.The treasure is near the viewpoint on the pyramid.

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