What do women read ?

What do women read ?

Quite a few women like to read books.Tastes of most of them are similar.Let's talk about that now read a woman's look at some specific books.

"Cherish happiness, cherish!"

Book Edward Asadov "Cherish happiness, cherish!" Secret chord touched the souls of thousands of women.This edition allows you to believe that pure and selfless love in this world still exists.Find it may be anyone who enforces such a purpose.

"From first to last"

active women read one of the last books of Tatiana Ustinova, entitled "From the first to the last word."It has an intriguing plot.The main hero of the book - a talented surgeon.He is accused in the death of the famous writer.To prove that he is innocent, the doctor takes up the investigation.During his surgeon learns a terrible secret that will forever change his life.

"I love myself. Triumph new woman"

very popular book is "I love you.Triumph new woman "who wrote Natalia Pravdina.In it, she talks about how the fair sex can become even more attractive and success

ful.In it she gives practical recommendations, using which every woman will be able to fill our lives with happiness, love and all sorts of benefits.

"Everyone has his price"

Lauren Weisberger is the author of "The Devil Wears Prada", which once enjoyed immense popularity.Now women with great interest read her new masterpiece entitled "Everybody has a price."This time the main character of the book made socialite.She paid cash for appearing at parties and love affairs with Playboy.But soon she falls in love and begins to make efforts to change their lives and not lose a man desired.

"Strength within us"

American writer Louise Hay pleased women book "The Power within us."She has sold millions of copies and is now one of the most widely read.The book talks about the fact that each person is the creator of your life, but it is important to find this effect.According to the author, the power is within us.Louise Hay, in his book explains how to awaken that power and use it correctly.

"How to win a man's heart"

Many women prefer to book by Vladimir Dovgan "How to win a man's heart."In it, he gives practical advice, using which, the woman will not be difficult to win the heart you liked men and live a happy life with him.

"The Power of Your Subconscious Mind"

active woman reading a book author Joseph Murphy, "The Power of Your Subconscious."In it he says that to become rich, successful and healthy everyone can.To do this, just use the enormous power of our subconscious.The author tells how to do it right in order to achieve quick results.

"Magnificent figure for 15 minutes a day"

In the book "Magnificent figure for 15 minutes a day," presented complex comprising effective exercises.They can be used in a short time to get rid of excess weight.The author Greer Childers offers only simple exercises that have the power to fulfill every woman.

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