What the boys are reading ?

What the boys are reading ?

boys in reading books are a bit different than girls.Unlike the girls looking for boys in the books of the action, specific and understandable information.They prefer strong and vivid emotions.Let's find out what the boys are reading.

Younger school age

In elementary school, boys prefer stories about animals, for example, stories about the history of Bianca and peers ( "Victor Maleev home and at school").In addition, children often choose different adventures ( "The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends," "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"), and they still can read different fairy tales.A little later, the boys begin to like science fiction.Many read the fantastic story McGee.

Middle school age

Growing up, boys are more likely to choose fantasy, science fiction and detective stories.Very popular books like "Harry Potter", "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Lord of the Rings."

not overlook guys and adventure, such as "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe", "Treasure Island," "The Last of the Mohicans," "

Children of Captain Grant", "Mysterious Island" and "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."In these books, a lot of travel and adventure.I love boys that age a book about the exploits of, for example, "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas.

school age

In high school, kids are reading detective stories, as modern - V. Ron'shin and classics - A. Christie, DH Chase.In addition, the older boys often choose horrors and mysticism, for example, "The Shining", "It" S. King or "Numbers" by R. Ward.

are popular among teenagers and books about wars and battles.For example, "Cloud regiment" E. Verkin, "Hot Snow" Bondarev or "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Hemingway.Continues to interest children fiction and fantasy, and of course, adventure.

In addition, at any age boys love books about cars, robots, technology.So often children read a variety of encyclopedias on these topics.

main thing, do not force your child to read only what you like.The boy has to choose his own books to your liking, then the love of reading will not weaken, but rather get stronger.

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