Zombie Farm : where to find collection?

Zombie Farm : where to find collection?

multiplayer computer games on social networks have managed to win millions of fans who daily come to your page for the sake of the harvest, exchange of gifts, the level of pumping, etc. Zombie Farm -.. One of the most popular flash gamesexisting on the market for more than 4 years.It was developed in Belarus now ┬źVizor Interactive┬╗.The game interface is translated into several languages, and there is also a large number of variations of the name of the game.

The game can gather a collection of objects.Subsequently, they can be exchanged for a variety of valuable resources, experience, coins and so on. D. This can help to simplify the game to the player.Only in the game more than 50 collections.They have in common that each contains 5 objects.Collections can be exchanged and give.In this article, we will tell the fans the game Zombie Farm, where to find collection.

production locations

Objects for collections can be found in the following locations:

  • They can dig out from under the various ite
    ms shovels.For each collection, the game has an individual page which shows where to find the items of this collection.
  • Some fall into the eggs.
  • Others can be obtained by breaking the egg.
  • happens that some elements of the collections fall out of bags of treasure hunters and the Stargazers.
  • Moreover, Hunters and Stargazers can dig it for you to order for a coin or zombaksy.
  • They can conjure with vyruchalochek-sticks in the dungeon.
  • They fall out of the treasure chests and Values.
  • They can win at roulette.
  • They are zombies.
  • Some drop out of the gifts.
  • With Magic Wand some items are extracted from under the crystal in the dungeons.

We have given only the most common cases.Many items also have special rules for how to produce them.For example, items from the Pirate collection you can bring a fisherman for zombaksy.Drink from the Football collection can only be digging shovel friends under the flag of Milan, and so on. D.

In addition, in the game there are so-called "knocking", sharing that, players can receive a variety of resources, gifts, and so on. D., including collections of items.