The game " Neighbours from Hell "

The game " Neighbours from Hell "

If you are tired of noisy neighbors that prevent you live in peace, then the game "Neighbours from Hell" was created specifically for you!With it, you certainly will not be able to evict their real neighbors, but to pull off his ardor and they can, at least virtually.It is clear that this is rather difficult to see the house where absolutely all the neighbors are with each other in the best friendly relations.It often happens that some neighbors are constantly flooded other, while others, in turn irritate the third, ongoing repairs.Third do not like constant gatherings in the fourth and so on.

continue this chain is endless.And how to be in this situation?Leave their walls, of course, I do not want anyone, which means that there is one single option - it is to evict their noisy, annoying neighbor.This analogy can be made with the release or study.It is on this basis and has created a cheerful and fun arcade game "Neighbours from Hell".The objective of the game is to evict the neighbors who constan

tly interfere with their loud partying, music, scandals and angry dogs.

How to Play

How to play the game?How to evict the neighbors?To do this, you need to throw stones at them, cakes, rotten eggs, garbage and more.For example, most household items in this game turn into a weapon.For example, if you make a combination of a block of wood and a frying pan, you get a great catapult with which you can destroy a neighbor's house.And if you combine a rotten egg and a piece of fish, you can get this chemical bomb.It is certainly not like your neighbor.

To neighbor moved, you need to do it as much as possible of nasty things - throw his paint, blow up the toilet.And these nasty things should look like a pure accident.And to get this result, you should use only those objects that are in the house of your neighbor.As has become clear, the meaning of the game "Neighbours from Hell" is to create intolerable conditions of life, and he moved to another place for him.Sometimes it is necessary at all to destroy his house.

Different versions of the game

This interesting and exciting anthology titled "How to get a neighbor", consists of six original games:

  • Hell Holidays
  • On
  • relaxing in the office
  • Holidays oligarch
  • From Russia with Love
  • Sweet revenge

Game "Neighbours from Hell" won enormous popularity and continues to find new fans.At the present time, it is played as teenagers and adults held people.In connection with this, very soon it came out a few versions of the game, who do not deserve it less popular.Their, you can download the torrent or buy the disc.Games "How to get a neighbor 2" and "How to get a neighbor - 3" are divided into different levels of difficulty.But in each of the episodes of the meaning remains the same: you need to find different items, which will vary depending on the season.In some parts of an evil dog will be present.It also needs to cheat to get into the house to a neighbor and mischief there.


Requirements In order to install the game on your computer, you must know the minimum system requirements:

  • free space on hard disk: 2.0 GB;
  • operating system: Vista, Windows XP;
  • RAM: 512 MB;
  • sound card;
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 1700+, Pentium IV 1,7 GHz
  • graphics card: Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3.

worth noting that the control of the game takes place exclusively with the mouse.Very simply, you will be able to find and download the game "Neighbours from Hell" and "How to get a neighbor 2", and "How to get a neighbor 3" on the Internet.It will not be difficult.Install it on your computer and try how it is to annoy the neighbors.