What guys read ?

What guys read ?

tastes of men and women differ in many respects.And in terms of addiction literature is no exception.What prefers the stronger half of humanity as "food for thought"?


fiction should be noted that very often fall into the list of movie books - young people are impressed by the scale of the sensational tapes tend to get acquainted with the original.But the high demand and literature as having no known counterparts in the film.

So among popular among guys following works:

  • «451º Fahrenheit" Ray Bradbury.American dystopia, drawing a terribly realistic world of the future where there is no room for freedom of thought, spirituality, philosophy, and good literature that encourages people all of the above.
  • «Game of Thrones" by George RR Martin.Dragons, castles, mystical creatures intense storylines, exciting battle, pathetic incredibly colorful characters, passion and deceit ... It has everything, so like men.
  • «The Lord of the Rings."JRR Tolkien.The product, which has become a cult classic
    for the genre of fantasy.The number of fans of Tolkien has dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of people.The grand-scale world of magic, painstakingly created by the author is not only captivates its colorful and well thought-out characters, but also a unique language, a complex social hierarchy and culture.


  • «My life.My achievements "Henry Ford.The brilliant inventor and manager, a talented businessman, Ford was able to enter the world of automotive history without having even basic education.In his book, he reveals the secret of his success.The work is biographical, but its primary value is still in practical use for start-ups.And because a book list that read guys who dream to open a business.
  • «Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki.This book is about why some men confidently and persistently overcome one after another stage career, and in the meantime others are mired in the environment of the office plankton.

Crime, Drama

  • «The Godfather" by Mario Puzo.Perhaps the best book about the legendary Italian mafia ever written.The literary masterpiece, which brought the author international recognition and immortalized his name.
  • «The Great Gatsby" by Francis S. Fitzgerald.It became even more popular after the film adaptation of a landmark for the American classical literature work.It will discuss the "golden youth" so-called "century of jazz" America.About self-sufficient, resolute man who was willing to do anything for a single purpose.On the human tragedy, which, being surrounded by hundreds of his "sincere" fans, it is actually unbearably lonely.

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