How to activate the console?

How to activate the console?

now supports most of the games console.But above all, you need to know what the console?Console - is a special built-in or requiring the installation program for information input / output via asking textual information (the code for the game).That is, the text-based interface to the user.The console software products - a special envelope, which can be used to manage all kinds of system parameters.

also exists in the console games.With this tool, you can optimize your game, make changes to the gameplay, add a variety of objects, characters, features up to improve the graphics of the game process.

So, let's understand how to activate the console.Consider the activation process on the example of several games.

Enabling Console

games usually switch (activation) in the console games is a simple process.But it is worth remembering that the introduction of complex commands you can spoil the game, and the further passage of the story can be disrupted.Another possibility could be a consequence of depa

rture from the game or not starting.Consider the examples of the activation of the console in different games.

  • Activate console CS 1.6.To do this, you will need to either press the "tyldu" ( "e" letter).Or, in the shortcut properties to prescribe "the console", and then this function will be called using the "e" letters.Then it's up to you.
  • Enabling Console Skyrim is similar with a similar operation in the CS.To do this, click in the running game "tyldu" or proklatsayte whole number numeric keypad to «Backspace».Then at the bottom of the game screen will fall out a window where you can enter cheats or special teams.
  • In the famous game Heroes Of Might And Magic V console is also connected.You will need to find a file called «autoexes.cfg »(it is located in a folder called games Profile).After opening the file, at the very end, enter the following line «setvar dev_console_password - schwingedes- setvar dev_console_password - schwingedes-todes todes».Then save the file, start the game and use the "tylda" button.
  • To enable the console in the game Mafia you need to download a special supplement (on the Internet a lot of assemblies) and throw him in the game folder.Start the game through the shortcut, in paragraph «freeplay» press F12 and the console is ready.
  • Fans of the game Torchlight 2 will also need to activate the console.Find a «settings file.txt »(in your documents).Opening it, find (using ctrl + f) console 0 and change in the console 1. In the game switch will be made with the help of key insert.

Now you know how to activate the console.Have a good game!